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Jennifer Jo Fay, writer and artist

October 12, 2011

Hello and Welcome,

I am an artist, writer and a mother of four children.  I have been into the arts for many years.  I love to draw dolls and children.  Also for eight or nine years, I have been creating paperdolls.  I have been in the process of creating a paperdoll website for my products and will soon have lots of pages and info up and running.  I’m on 

I have lots of cool sets.  BunBun and Olga Paperdolls are on my website right now.  I have published that set and it is also available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon etc..  Along with The Housewife Paperdoll set and my first mystery, Black Roses.


I wrote it last year and got it self published this year.  I am in the process of writing the sequel which will be called Red Ribbons.  I am half way through that one.  It will be sad.  The killer in the sequel targets young mothers.  There is jealousy involved.

Black Roses is about two sisters.  One is a mother with a daughter and a regular job.  The other chooses to be a stripper/prostitute for an underground strip club.  She is receiving black roses and all her johns are getting murdered.  She is a suspect.

I am starting to write another novel, that will be a little different than the other two books.  It will also have some murder in it.  it is called The Theif Who Wouldn’t Learn.  I am starting to publish the chapters on Hubpages.   If you would like to follow some of my novels, you can view and read them there. 

I will probably have different stuff here, as I can’t write the same stuff at both places.

I have two boys and two girls.  They are my number one priority in life.  And everything else I love evolves around them.

I guess i will start off with a poem:

An Evolving Image

The beauty within my spirit

holds no bounds.  I create and discover

hidden images, that once were none

and now are found.

Fragile beauty opens up

to complete desire to be heard.

That is the power of

an image

or the vastness of the written word.

It now remains

forever in my mind

and in the world.


Copyrighted by Jennifer Jo Fay  October 2011

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