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October 21, 2011

Hello, everyone.

Well, today is a cooler day in fall.  We all know that winter is coming.  Not that I’m thrilled about that one.  Not really.  But that white, fluffy stuff is coming our way whether we like it or not.

I am suddenly without my computer.  If anyone is interested, I have written a hub about it on hubpages and I’ve written a few other hubs that have a poem I wrote today on them. 

I think I will write poetry there too.  Of course, they will be different than here.  That way, you won’t be reading the same thing on both sites.  Wouldn’t that be boring?  It’s a good thing it all has to be original to the site we are working on.  I have recently discovered some other sites, but haven’t written anything on them yet.  I would like to advertise about my paperdoll website on all the sites.  I’m hoping that it will take off.  It would be my dream to have my own paperdoll website business take off and fly.  They are all original and one of a kind.  I’m very unique and my work speaks for itself.  I like to stay true to my authentic self.

I wish I had my computer back, but have to wait the duration.

Some of my dreams have to wait a few weeks and have to be put on hold, but at least for now I have confiscated my daughter’s computer.  She’s not here and doesn’t know.

Mommy has her fingers on her keyboard.  Yippee.

Hello Sweetness

How easy it is to type these words.

Writer’s block is far from site.

I feel the music notes of the keyboard

as I type each note.

A letter, a word, a silent thought

appears upon this page

awaiting you and others

to read it and weep and wonder

why you are touched and

now feel inclined to create.

Inspiration springs forth

and your mind won’t rest

until you have gone to your

page of dreams and

your lovely fingers strike

a note that is all your own

and your’s to name.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted October 21, 2011

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