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Another day to dream great things

October 26, 2011

Here I am again.  I was writing a lot yesterday.  I just kept going.  So that means if you go back to my site you will see some new poems, a story about a dog we had, more info about being with out a computer and some articles about relationships and keeping them alive.  Really good insight.

I will be back there later today to write some more.  I truly love writing.  Sometimes, I think I might like it more than doing art.  But that is a part of me too.  Sometimes I wish we had more hands, so that we could be doing both at the same time.  Alas, we were only born with two.

Today, I think I’m going to write a hub about how to make a paperdoll and another one about doing photography.  Two things that I love to do.

So here is a new poem:

Sweet Seeds Sown into the Earth

Lila grabbed her dish that

was filled with lupine seeds.

She walked out into the spring

morning and felt her surroundings.

The air around her swirled

and wisps of her auburn hair

blew with the gentleness of the wind.

The moment fluttered by

and she knelt down against

the hillside garden.

She held onto her metal spoon.

The one with the engraved flower

at the edge of the handle.

She started to dig her holes

into the moist earth.

The ground divided and she placed

the swollen seeds into their

rightful place.

Then her hot tears

dropped into the earth

and she cried silently.

Her mother was gone

and there was nothing she could do

but plant something new in memory

of her.

The pain was fresh.



Jennifer Jo Fay

copyrighted October 26, 2011

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