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The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Two

November 18, 2011


In chapter two, Sally Driscoll gets more of her friends to give her coins for the planting of the tree.  The word is spreading fast.  Then they learn that they will need the help of a green goblin, Gilly Gilly Goblin, to help them shake the money from the tree.  And some of the kids want the tree to grow other things too.

I think I am going to write the next chapter tomorrow.  She is going to arrive home and at the supper table, she is going to talk to her parents about her idea.  Then she is going to go to sleep and dream good things.  She is a very imaginative child.

Something sad is going to happen.  I think soon in the story, there are going to be signs that someone in the family is very ill and Sally is going to pray really hard for the tree to grow the money that they need.

I told my story to my doctor today and she gave me a really neat idea for it.  I don’t think I can discuss her idea though yet, as it probably would happen much later in the novel and I don’t think I want to give away what might happen yet.  Too early.

I love writing this story line.  Little kids are so innocent and fun to write about.  It’s a very different side to my writings, as for a long time I have been immersed in writing novels about romance and lust, lies and deceit and then on the other hand mysteries and graphic murder and sex.  Black Roses, my first mystery is very graphic and violent.  But it’s about a stripper/prostitute, so what do you expect?  It’s online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.  I’m not sure how it is doing as I haven’t checked in a while.



Oh You Sweet Rose

The smell of you drifts

slowly, softly and silently

to me.

I linger in your scent

and drift into the hidden garden

where I await a glorious slumber

to dream of your silken petals.

I love you, and you love me.

You are truly pristine

and your pinkness shines


my lovely days

of scented beauty.

I know your scent and love you.

For what you are

is truth.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 18, 2011

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