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Forums Can Be Nasty

November 26, 2011

The Forums Can Be Nasty

I’m going to gripe about the other site that I write my hubs on.  I really like the site, don’t get me wrong.  Hubpages is a great place to write.  Yet, the people that run the site, the actual hubpages teams have no control out of the forums.  They have their section where they can express their concerns and they can make it so you have to stay away from the forums for a few days.  They have no control over hubbers opinions and actions.  People are down right rude.

I’m a newer hubber.  I’ve only been active there for about three to four months, yet have produced over 100 hubs.  I love to write.

Sometimes us newbies have lots of questions.  We’re still learning what you can and can’t do.  Well, I’ve been asking questions to the more experienced hubbers as I want answers to my questions.  Mind you just posting a simple question.  Get a simple answer.  One girl have me some advice and she had looked at a recipe hub that had another story in there.  Told me politely to ditch the other story and then she also told me my keywords were all over the place.  Which I thanked her and now know you have to have focused keywords.

I left the forums for a few days and worked hard at cleaning up my hubs. 

I’m into creative writing.  That’s what I do.  Several considered my hubs blogs.  Which I beg to differ.  I think you can creative write and put a little bit of your personal stories in there too if they relate to the topic that anyone would relate to, whether they know me or not.  Hubpages are giving me high marks in the high 70s and 80s.  The team have said that I am a very good writer. 

So I left the forums for a few days, busy working on hubs.  I do come back to them to read them and see if anything new gets written.  Well in the absence of my presence in my forum questions, this one particular forum got really nasty and uncalled for.  I simply asked how we can get more traffic to our hubs and expected a polite simple answer.  Instead I got shredded, picked apart on every level, and they were mean and nasty.  Several other hubbers went in and called them on it and said they were becoming extremely mean and clique.  They think they are so elite, that if newer hubbers have questions they get royally ticked off sometimes.

Well, when I went back and found all that, I of course had to put my two cents in to retailate against what they were accusing me of.  They thought I wasn’t going to come back.  Another hubber made a note to them that I do come back sometimes to read and comment back.  One girl seemed extremely happy to suggest that I would get banned from the site.  She was hoping that I would come back and whine to them.  They even suggested some threats that were uncalled for.  In hopes of getting me banned.

They also complained that my stories were essays, which I also beg to differ.  I’m staying away from the forums for a while.  I’m not going to write any hubs about getting traffic for a while.  I wrote one a day or so ago about Write to Get Traffic with Hubpages.  It was basically an article about what I have learned about hubpages so it was based on what I know.  Well these elites shredded it and were ticked off that I wrote it. 

I think I’m going to stick to writing my novels, poetry and recipes for a little bit.  The recipes seem to be getting a good amount of traffic and another hubber that defended me said that poetry makes a lot of money.  She also added her two cents and questioned, “We aren’t allowed to creative write on hubpages?  I think it says that we can creative write.  It’s allowed.

I don’t want to go back into the forums where conflict is going to arise.  The forums don’t make me any money.  And I am not going to write any hubs complaining about it.  My boyfriend has told me to stay away from there.


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