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The Glorious Money Tree by Jennifer Jo Fay

December 7, 2011

 The Glorious Money Tree Chapters One Through Four

The clock struck seven thirty and the little girl gathered her school belongings and rushed out the door. She didn’t want to be late for school and her mother certainly didn’t want her to miss the bus. Sally Driscoll heard the door slam behind her and prayed that she wouldn’t hear her mother yell to her to tell her to close it quietly. Sally was rather tall, and was skinny. She had blonde hair and green eyes. She was wearing a yellow and green polka dot dress with black tights and red mary jane shoes. She rushed out quickly, so the velcro clasp wasn’t on tight. Her hair was done up in two braids.

As she walked across the street, she almost lost her shoe and she had to take a moment to slip her foot into place. While doing so, she heard a sound of a nearby car and dashed to the sidewalk. Her mother had taught her well to always look both ways and then back again. They had had a cousin who wasn’t so fortunate and he got killed by an oncoming car.

So, today she arrived at the corner as she waited for the bus. Sally was ten and had a rather inquisitive mind. The air was a little cooler and held the taste of crispness in the air. Her friend, Heather, had long red hair and was waiting too. Heather was wearing a colorful poncho over her purple corduroy jumper. On her feet were brown shoes and lilac socks with white stripes. She was finishing a piece of cinnamon sugar toast. She always left the crust, but today she didn’t want to litter.

The girls started to criss cross their feet in a dancing motion as they patiently waited. “My brother lost a tooth last night and the tooth fairy gave him two dollars today.”

“Lucky. The tooth fairy only gives me a dollar. That’s not fair! She’s playing favorites!”

“Hey, at least we get good monies,” said Heather. “My ma said when the tooth fairy gave her monies, she only got a quarter.”

“Wow. Just a quarter?”

“Yes. Guess the tooth fairy met Mr. Right and can give us more monies.”

“Cool. I’ve got a loose tooth. I can hardly wait for her to come visit. We always leave the window open cause you know she can’t fly through glass. She’d get a boo boo.”

“My pops was saying he wished they had more money.”

“Mine too.” Suddenly, Sally saw something shiny in the grass. It was a copper color and was partially hidden in the taller grass. She reached down to discover that the little gem of the day was a fresh new penny with President Lincoln on it.

Quickly, her mind began to churn sweet little thoughts that danced in her head. And then the sound of the approaching bus arrived and after it stopped, the girls marched single file inside and picked their seats. She said to the bus driver, “I just found a penny!”

“You’re rich!” the woman said. Sally sat in her seat. She stared out the clearness of a window to the world that had no limits. She kept her little mind thinking. Her brain was small, but it sure held some big ideas. Her mommy told her yesterday, that she was going to need a memory card to stick in her brain pretty soon when it runs out of room. Sally had cried that night, because she thought it would hurt her head.

And Sally was one of those creative girls. She was that child who had created a cobweb of pink yarn in her bedroom. She had designed it for several hours and she reluctantly dragged herself downstairs for supper. She told her little sister, she was a work a holic once. She didn’t quite knew what it meant, but she figured she was one. It sounded cool. Cool beans.

Finally it had become bedtime, that night and her mother had to try to work her way through the tangles to kiss her goodnight. Sally had been giggling the whole time. “This has to come down tomorrow, hun.” Darn it.

So, back to the present moment at hand, she stared out the window as Mrs. Bumpy (the bus driver) drove down all the familiar streets. Her idea in her head was getting bigger and brighter. “Heather. Guess what I’m gonna do?”

“What? You’ve got a lightbulb above your head?”

“Yeah. This shiny penny popped into my head. I’m gonna collect a bunch of coins to plant a money tree!”

“Ooohh. Monies! A gorgeous money tree! Oh, that’s awesome! Can I help?”

“Sure.” Sally put a hand to her lips and tried to stiffle a giggle. She realized she had a whopper brewing.

“What do we need to do?”

“First we’ve got to gather some coins. We can’t grow a tree if we don’t have any money.”

“I’ve got a nickel in my pocket. You can have it to plant.” Heather fished out a banged up nickle.

“Thanks. So now we have six cents. We’ll need more if we want it to get really big.”

They arrived at the school, hopped off the bus and walked inside. On their way into class, they saw Mr. Ed the principal. Heather once had asked him if he had a horse that got turned into glue. She had heard the story and thought it was true.

Heather once even had a dream that he was galloping through the school with a saddle on his back and bottles of Elmer’s Glue on his hooves. And he was minus his buck teeth and the tooth fairy had given him four bucks. Two dollars a tooth!

“Hi girls.”

“Sally has a dream. Guess what we’re gonna do?”

“What is it?” His curiousity was peeked with baited breath.

“I’m gonna plant a money tree so we will all be rich!” Her smile was a beaming moon.

“And how are you going to do that?” He put a finger to his lips for a slight moment and pondered the thought.

“We’ve got six cents so far. We’re gonna plant the coins and watch it grow into a tree. There’s gonna be dollars hanging from every single branch!”

He laughed and said with enthusiasm, “Good lord, that’s a lot of branches! Well, well, well. That sounds delicious as a shiny red apple girls. Here’s a little secret to help it grow.” He beamed down at their innocent faces and leaned in really close to them.

“What do we need to do?” they said, with awe. Their inquisitive minds wanted to know what they needed to do. They needed all the help they could get.

“Ok. Here goes. When it’s really quiet and the sun is shining, go into the garden and pick a daisy from it’s stem. Be very careful not to shake it. There will be a little fairy sleeping inside the daisy. Her name is Desiree. When you get her, keep her in a glass of water by your bed and every night when you go to bed, both of you need to pray to God for good rain to water your money tree. But don’t get the daisy until you have all your coins ready to plant. Good luck girls. Now, off to class with you before you are tardy.”

“Thanks, Mr. Ed they chimed. He started to chuckle as they skipped down the hallway. Then he listened with amusement as they started to sing a chant.

“Money, money, money!

All we need

is a little honey, honey, honey

to pour on

the money, money money tree.

Stir it up

with a little bit of love, love, love!” They squealed with delight.

“Oh, no! Do you think we will frighten Desiree away? What if we wake her up? She won’t help us!” Heather began to cry.

“Oh, but she must! She’s got to be the most beautiful fairy in all the world. Oh, I do hope we can see her. I’ve never seen a real live fairy before, but I think I’ve heard one whisper to me in my sleep.”

“I know,” said Sally already thinking of new ideas. “We’ll get the daisy and stick her in a jar until we can explain that she really needs to help us.”

“I bet that Desiree is the most beautiful fairy that ever lived. She can’t turn us down. Our money tree will surely die without her to help us!”

“What are you girls talking about?” asked a boy as they entered the class room. His name was Ronny Caster.

“We’re going to plant some coins to grow a tree with monies.” said Heather. “Want to help us? Do you have any monies?”

Ronny thought for a minute and sat down in his seat. He then pulled off his green sneaker and whipped off his stinky sock that was a little brown at the toes and had lots of holes in it. The girls watched and plugged their noses in disgust. Then he handed them two gorgeous quarters. “Oh my gosh! Thank-you so much, Ronny. We’re sure to have a big tree now.”

“I’ve been saving it in that sock for four months. I’m trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records. My Mom keeps trying to steal my socks from me, but I won’t let her. She says she wants to throw them away. By the jesus, I won’t let her do it!”

“Ronny!” hollered the teacher, Mrs. Bagley. “We don’t say the lord’s name. And please put your sock and sneaker back on. It’s putting out an odor.” Mrs. Bagley shook her head and started writing on the chalk board.

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Two

Sally and Heather sat down next to each other and took their seats in the classroom. Ronny was sitting next to them. He leaned over and asked, “Do you think you can let me have some of the money when it grows? I want the new Spongebob Squarepants video game and my mom won’t get it for me.”

“Sure. It is going to have lots of money on it.” said Sally. She thought a minute and was hoping that there would be enough money to go around. She wanted it to grow a lot of money.

Suddenly another little boy named George chimed in, “A money tree? Can I help?”

“Sure,” said Heather. “What do you have for monies?” She watched George dig into his shirt pocket and he pulled out a tarnished gold coin.

“Here’s a token I got from Pizza Putt. Do you think if you plant it, tokens can grow too? That would be really neato. I’ve been wanting a large stuffed animal tiger from there but it needs lots of tokens. My dad gave me just six dollars and I didn’t get enough tokens to get it.”

“Okay. We’ll ask it to grow tokens too. Good thinking, George.” Sally said as she smiled a beautiful smile. Then she began to play with her braid and twirled the ends as she listened to Mrs. Bagley teach the class.

Then, they started into go into their reading session, where they pulled their early reader books out and began to read out loud. Suddenly, after a few minutes, Heather decided to do a drawing instead of reading from her book. She started to draw a little girl holding a basket of money.

Ronny stopped reading for a minute, and said, “I can hardly wait to get my video game.”

A few minutes later, Mrs. Bagley came over and said, “Quakers meeting has begun, no more laughing, no more fun, if you show your teeth or tongue, you will have to pay a forfeit. What does that mean, Ronny?”

He felt his face flush to a few darker shades of pink and borderline red. “Be quiet.”

“Yes. Keep reading, kids. And Heather, art class comes later today. You need to be reading from your book so please put that picture away.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Bagley.” She slipped it into her folder.

A little while later, the bell rang for recess and all the kids quickly gathered their sweatshirts and other outer gear and marched single file out the door. Once outside, they ran to their favorite part of the playground. Kids began sliding down the curvy yellow slide, and others started swinging on the red seats. Back and forth, to and fro.

Sally and Heather sat by the sandbox and lingered there. Sally buried her coins under the cool, textured sand. “Plant it, plant it, plant it, make our lovely tree grow, money, money, money. Big and tall.”

A few minutes later two little girls came over to join them. One had jet black hair and brown eyes. She was wearing a purple dress with tiny pink flowers on it and purple knee high socks and pink sneakers. Her name was Gemma.

The other girl had curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She was wearing a Hello Kitty tee shirt, with a pink ruffle skirt and black leggings. “I just saw you cover something up. What is it?” Her name was Clara.

“We’re going to plant a money tree.” said Sally. “Do you want to help us?”

“Sure.” Gemma pulled out her little pink purse and reached inside. “Here’s two dimes. I was going to spend it on candy cigarettes at Herbie’s Candy store, but you can have it instead.”

“Thank-you.” she said. “Now we have seventy six cents.”

“Do you think that you can have the tree grow candy too? Maybe candy cigarettes and those sixlets chocolate candies?”

“Sure.” said Heather. “A cool candy growing tree sounds great too.”

“Candy? Can you make it grow Bubble Yum? I love that stuff.” said George as he came over to be part of their conversation.

“Can you make it be a rainbow tree? It’s got to be the most beautiful tree in the world.” said Clara.

“I saw a leprechaun on my front lawn last year. He was too quick and got away. My mom said that they are like road runners.”

“I caught a leprechaun last march. He’s in a jar in my drawer. He called me a toad, so I hid him away and I’m never going to let him out,” said George. “He had red hair like they usually do, and wore a green nightgown and those black clogs. I heard him tapdancing one night, and I got annoyed, so I shut my closet door so I wouldn’t hear him.”

“Hey, lets go gather some coins from some other kids.” said Sally. They went walking and got Juliet who was a girl one year older than them. She gave them seventy five cents. Another little girl, Susan who was in the classroom next to them gave them nine cents. Finally they were up to $1.55.

The bell rang for them to go inside. Everyone went back to their class rooms and sat down. Art class was beginning. All the kids got settled into drawing pictures from their vivid imaginations. After twenty minutes, Mrs. Bagley went around the classroom and studied their drawings. “Wow, I’m seeing lots of beautiful trees, kids.”

“We’re going to grow a money tree. It’s Sally’s idea and we’re all going to help her.” said Heather.

“Lovely. What a great idea.”

“It’s going to be really tall.” said George.

“Can it grow Star Wars action figures too?” asked Lucas.

“Sure,” said Sally.

“How are you going to get the money down? You would need a ladder. You know what you can do to get it down?”

“What?” asked Ronny.

“After supper when it is dark, you need to go into the woods and find a big tree. Grab a piece of bark and you will catch a green goblin sitting on it. His name is Gilly Gilly Goblin and he is a really good climber. If you can get him to be good friends with you, he will shake the money from the tree for you. You can keep the bark in your room so he can sleep on it at night and be your friend.”

“Wow, that sounds great! Thank-you, Mrs. Bagley.” said George.

“Our tree is also going to grow, candy cigarettes, sixlets, and bubble yum.”

“Can you have it grow peaches? A fruit tree is always good.” said Mrs. Bagley.

“Okay,” said Sally. “My mom likes peaches. She loves to make peach cobbler. It’s one of my favorite desserts.”

“Very nice, Sally. I hope you grow a wonderful tree, sweetheart.”

Finally it was time to go home. Sally hopped onto the bus and found Mrs. Bumpy. “Hi, did you get more coins for your money tree, dear?”

“Yes. We got $1.55. Is that enough to grow a money tree?”

“Hmm. Well, how about you talk to your parents tonight to see what they say. Then maybe gather coins from your friends for one more day and you should have enough. I’ve got something to help your tree grow.”

Sally watched Mrs. Bumpy pull something out of her bag. She handed Sally something shiny and pink. Sally looked at the item in her hand. It was a pink heart with shiny pink rhinestones in it. “It’s beautiful. Thank-you.”

“It was from a necklace that my mother gave me. You can plant it with your coins. You need to plant it in the sunlight with your coins, because you also need a little love to help your tree grow. It was passed down to me, and now I am giving it to you.”

“Thank-you so, so much.” Sally took her seat and almost started to cry. She had forgotten that her money tree was going to need some love to help it grow. It needed a crimson heart to make it feel the love inside her and all that loved her. Love’s shining light was going to surely help it to grow strong and tall with lots of money for everyone she knew and loved.

Sally felt a warm smile come to her face and her heart was beating softly with love to grow on.

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Three

Sally arrived home and dropped her Snow White backpack on the floor. She started to walk into the kitchen. Her mother, Lara, turned around and looked at Sally’s feet. “Back into the mudroom and take off your shoes. You know the rules.” Sally turned and kicked off her shoes and each one flew and hit the door. “Take them off, not throw them. So how was school today?”

“It was good.”

“Good? That’s it? You must have had something exciting happen. What was your favorite thing today?” Lara placed another dirty spaghetti crusted dish into the palmolive suds and gently scrubbed it with her purple knitted dishcloth.

Lara had long curly blonde hair that was held back by a pink polka dotted headband. It was one of those three inch headwraps that were very popular. She was tall and was wearing a pink cashmere sweater and a black cotton skirt that clung by her ankles. She had a beautiful complexion with a hint of rosiness to her cheeks. Her lips were covered with the flavor and glossiness of her homemade lip balm that was scented with mint and eucalyptus. She had harvested the mint from her garden. It grew in abundance. She was the grown up image of Sally.

“Nothing. Same old, same old. Can I have a snack?”

“Sure. Just remember, nothing too close to supper. And think about what you did today. Maybe you can think about something fun to talk about at the table tonight.”

“Do I have to?”

“It would be nice. We like to hear about the fun things you do at school.” Sally walked into the pantry and pondered which snack she wanted. She saw fig newtons and a bag of fruit gummies and grabbed one of each. She hid one behind her back and walked swiftly by her mom.

She sat on the green floral sofa and turned on the tv. Her favorite show, Arthur, was on. She saw her three year old sister sitting on the couch next to her. As they watched the show, Sally gave Betsy a fig newton. Then she turned to Betsy and whispered. “I’m going to catch a pretty fairy. Will you want to meet a beautiful tiny person?”

“Yes. I do want to meet a fairy. Where does she live?”

“In the garden. I think she’s gonna be the most beautiful creature on earth.”

Lara peeked into the living room and gave Sally a lovely smile and she had a hint of laughter in her eyes. “Are you telling Betsy stories?”

“No, Mamma.”

“That’s alright if you are. I love telling stories too.”

“It’s a real story, Mamma.”


Lara left the room and went on to baking a swedish apple cake. After a little bit, the delicious sweetness filled the air and Sally knew something good was going to be placed on the table after supper. Sally’s favorite treat was chocolate chip cookies. She loved it when Mamma would let her scrape the bowl afterwards. It was a fun thing that got past down from generations.

Suddenly, a few minutes later, Sally turned her head as she saw Mamma run into the bathroom. The door slammed shut. Sally didn’t think too much of it. Minutes ticked by. Five. Ten. Twenty minutes later, Mamma came out and was holding a pink washcloth. She wiped her face for a minute and went back into the kitchen.

Lara grabbed her teddy bear patterned potholder and gently pulled the lovely cake out of the hotness and set it on her copper tea kettle shaped trivet. The cake looked really good. Truly deliche. “Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray.” she thought. Lara thought about fairies. Secretly, she loved them too. She loved the intricacies of their exquisite wings and their pretty petal dresses were so delicate. They were truly fragile creatures.

Lara turned and looked at a pretty overlay of her two girls. Lara’s sister, Ellie was a photographer and had done a beautiful photograph of the girls with pink roses overlapping it and the beauty within was incredible.

“Vous etes belles.” Lara said softly and melodically. Sally was standing in the kitchen looking at Mamma.

“What does that mean, Mamma?”

“It’s french. It means you are beautiful.” Lara looked at her eight year old and started to cry for a minute.

“Why are you crying?”

“Oh, no reason, really. Mamma is just being silly.”

“I cut my finger and it’s bleeding! I want a bandaid.”

“How did you do that?”

“I can’t remember.”

“Let’s go get a bandaid.” Lara brought her into the bathroom and she kissed it after putting a Hello Kitty bandaid on her finger.

“Why do we bleed?”

“We just do, dear, when you get a scrap or a boo boo we spill blood. It happens to all of us.”

“A boy in my class said his Mamma bleeds all the time. What is PS?”

“Oh, did he say that?”

“He said she gets PS and eats a lot of candy and swears.” Lara stiffled a chuckle and twirled Sally’s hair for a slight moment.

“It’s PMS, honey. Sometimes women get it when they’re older. It’s mood swings were an older girl or a mommy can be sad, moody or angry for no reason.”


“When you become a teenager, girls and women bleed once a month so they can prepare their bodies for having a baby. Mamma bleeds once a month.”

“Do you need a cool bandaid for it?”

“We call it a pad. You put it in your undies so you don’t stain your underwear. it usually lasts four or five days.”

“I don’t want it to happen to me. Bandaids hurt when they come off.”

“It won’t hurt.” Lara gave her a hug.

“I’ve got to wizz.” Lara laughed.

“I’ll shut the door so you can have some privacy.”

When Mamma was gone, Sally did her business. When she was done, she flushed and noticed there was some blood on the floor. There was just one little spot, but it was crimson red. “Must be Mamma is PMS mood and she missed the toilet,” Sally thought.

Later, it was suppertime. Everyone was quiet at the table as they ate their pizza. Fridays were always pizza nights. Sally loved cheese pizza but grimaced when Mamma and Papa had mushrooms and green peppers on theirs.

Suddenly, Sally dreaded what was coming next. “So tell us something fun that happened at school today.” Lara asked and waited patiently for the tell all answer.

Sally thought for a minute and looked up at the picture hanging on the wall. It was of a woman and a man praying in a field. It was an old fashioned picture that had come from Great Nana’s kitchen and Mamma had inherited it.

“I’m going to plant money to grow a money tree. Heather and some friends want to help and we’ve collected some coins to plant.”

“Oh, what a lovely idea. I planted one when I was your age.” Lara smiled.

“Did it grow a lot of money?”

“It sure did. I planted it in a blueberry patch and right in the middle of all the yummy fruit grew a fancy blue tree with lots of money on it.”

“Cool. Ours is gonna be a rainbow. Mr. Ed said we have to collect a fairy and she’ll help us pray at night. She lives on a daisy.”

“Oh yes, that will be Flavia.”

“Oh. You know her?”

“She helped me pray, too. She never grows old and she is wonderful. You’re going to love her.”

Papa kept looking at Lara with the widest eyes and he had his hands held to his face with elbows on the table. “Grammy knows Flavia too,” he said.

“She does?”

“Remember when Grampy died last year?”

“Yup.” Sally remembered his body so silent and wondered why he didn’t talk.

“Flavia came and visited her. Flavia is a faithful friend.”

“Our teacher said we need to find Gilly Gilly Goblin so he can climb the tree and shake the money from the tree. Nobody else can climb that high.”

Lara frowned for a minute. “Oh, be careful of him.”

“What will he do?”

“I don’t know if I should tell you. He does know how to put a curse on you, but if you get on his good side, yes he will help.”

“Did he put a curse on you?”

“He said that he did, but I didn’t listen.”

“Oh, I’m afraid.”

“You will be okay.”

“Mrs. Bumpy gave me this pretty heart to plant with the coins. She said it needs love to grow.”

“Yes. Love will make it grow.”

“Who is Mrs. Bumpy?” asked Papa.

“The bus driver.”

“I hope you never say that to her face. How about next time you see her, ask her her name. Then you say her name when you greet her on the bus. Mrs. Bumpy isn’t a very nice name, Sally.” Papa scolded.

Sally’s face turned beat red then she finished her last bite of pizza. “Can I get up?”

“Okay,” he said.

“No dessert?” asked Mamma.

“I’m not hungry.” Sally left the room. When she sat down on the couch, she heard laughter coming from Mamma and Papa’s voices.

Then Mamma said, “Watch it, Flavia might be watching.”

“Yeah, and she’s getting jealous because I love you and not her.”

Sally overheard them and wondered if Flavia was already watching her too. She wondered if she could fly through doors. Wow. She must have lots of magic powers. Did she love Papa too?

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Four by Jennifer Jo Fay

Sally later put on her flowered nightgown and hopped under the covers. She didn’t want to go to bed. She wasn’t really that tired and wanted to play some more. While she waited for her mamma and papa to come wish her a good night, she decided to look at the collection of coins.

She pulled the blue plastic cup from the nightstand and dumped them upon her Snow White bedspread. They clinked and to her delight, she began to count them once more. She could hardly wait to plant them. The shining pink heart settled into the middle of all the precious coins and glowed in the magic of the evening.

Suddenly, her mamma entered the room. Her apron got left in the kitchen. Mamma was beautiful. Sally often wondered who she looked like the most. Some of her relatives said that she had Papa’s high forehead. His Lithuanian forehead and his big nose. She didn’t want a big nose. She liked her small one.

“Okay, hun, you need to put the coins away for tonight. They are not going to sleep on the bed with you. They would fall on the floor and you might lose them. You want to plant them all. If one gets lost, then your tree won’t grow. It needs all your friends help in order to grow and prosper.”

“Okay. They’re pretty though, aren’t they?” Sally smiled. “I like the quarters the best, even though they came from a stinky sock.”

“Ooh. The smellier the better, huh? I wonder if that would make for a smelly tree.”

“I hope not. Should I still plant them?”

“Of course. He was nice enough to part with them.”

“Mamma? Are you on your period?”

“Why do you ask that?” Mamma looked perplexed as she itched her nose for a minute while thinking of what her question meant.

“I saw some blood on the bathroom floor. Did you miss the toilet?”

Lara laughed at her daughter’s thoughts. “No. That was a cut I had, it probably was from my washcloth and it got on the floor. I put my washcloth on the floor for a minute. Well, now you need to get some beauty sleep if you’re going to plant that tree.”

“What do you think Flavia is doing right now?”

“Oh, she is probably out helping out others. That’s her job. She tries to help everyone. There isn’t a mean bone in her tiny body. Now, go to sleep. Out go the lights.” Mamma kissed her good night and turned off the lights. Except for the little nightlight that kept an even glow through the night.

Lara left the room and went into the bathroom. She undressed and stepped into the shower and the warmth of the pulsing hot water, that beat gently and rhythmically against her pure white skin. She immersed herself in the sweet scent of mango and papaya shower gel. Pure bliss was her moment of her spa moment. Yet a silent tear trickled from within. It hadn’t been released yet.

Sally, fell into a deep slumber and her smart and colorful right side of her brain began to drift in and out of creative thoughts. She dreamed of pretty coins jumping over her white picket fence. Pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, clinking, clinking, while she dreamed in the night. Sleeping soundly, she was content. Echoes of a sweet tomorrow pounded against a silent shore that went in and out with the tide. Rolled in a tiny gem that gathered in the sand, like the tiny coins that were going to nurture delicate beauty of what her tree would become.

Bluebirds flew by the garden of her dreams, they did not know what was coming and they spiraled into the sky that hovered high above. A seed not sown yet, dwelled within the brown soil of the earth. Her gentle hands would soon dig in and plant her coins just so.

Suddenly, Sally was sitting in the divineness of her garden. Daisies grew within her hair. Twisting and turning and gathering love, the stems clung to her pretty hair. Butterflies of all kinds swirled and danced around her body, they sung a pretty song. “Sally, we love you, you are our special friend. Look deep within yourself and find the love that will fill the earth with kindness.” said one. The azure blue butterfly nestled on the side of her head. Another rested in her hand.

Sally brought her soft pink lips to the silkiness of the butterfly’s wings. She kissed it gently and asked, “Will you help me find a good spot to plant my tree?”

The butterfly suddenly fluttered away from her hand and flew to a patch of grass on the ground. The sunlight cast its light upon the butterfly. Then, Sally heard a tiny voice whisper to her, “You will know in your heart where to plant your coins, love. I will help you find the way.”

Surprise filled Sally’s soul and she turned to see who spoke. Then, filling the garden’s glory was a small glowing light. As she peered into the depths of where it sparkled she suddenly saw her hovering.

Flavia was so pretty and dainty as she stared at Sally. She had flaxen yellow curls and her transparent white wings were the most fragile thing she had ever seen. Flavia looked at her with sweet love filled in her eyes. “Collect a few coins tomorrow and then come find me tomorrow. I will be on the most perfect daisy you have ever seen. My center will be the most colorful golden yellow color. It’s my precious home, you see. Pick it and then get a loving glass of water to put me in and I will help you pray each night.”

“Thank-you kindly, sweet fairy. Are you the one they call Flavia?”

“Yes, love. That is me.”

“You have met my mother and my gramma?”

“Yes. Your Mamma was a handful, but I helped her all the same. She asked for my help and I never turn down a request. I cried with your gramma. She took my hand and held it. See my hand? It is pure and gentle like the endless youthfulness that I possess. You will go far if you have faith in me. You do believe don’t you?”

“Yes, I believe in you, Flavia. You are the most beautiful fairy I have ever met. Will you help me pray for my tree to grow? We all want money to grow so we can spend it on fun stuff. You will help us?”

“Yes, but it needs to be spent wisely. A careless spender will not help the tree. With careless thoughts, the tree will wither and die. You don’t want your tree to do that.”

“No. I don’t. I promise you I will spend the money wisely. But can I buy a little candy too? I want to be able to buy a sweet treat.”

“I suppose it is okay. But I don’t want the toothfairy to call me and get mad that I told you it was okay. Go back to sleep. Tomorrow is another precious day to dream all your dreams.”

“Okay. But where are you going now? Do you ever sleep?”

“Sometimes. Once in a while. I am always needed. There is a girl in China that needs me. I must go to her now.”

“Why does she need you?”

“She’s crying and I need to tell her that I am there.”

“Why does she cry?”

“I’m not sure yet, but I have heard her fragile voice and there I must fly and be by her side. Sweet dreams, my love and dream of pleasant things.”

“How can you hear her when she lives on the other side of the world? How can you tell she is crying?”

“We possess a vast knowledge and can hear everyone’s thoughts. We are magic you see and Sally, dear, I really must go. But I will visit again soon.”

Suddenly, Sally sat in the middle of her garden and and felt the trail of daisies fall to the ground. And then Sally stood up and followed a trail of rose petals. She discovered them beneath the purple hostas. Curiousity got the best of her and she left the beautiful butterflies behind. They flew into the sky and disappeared.

As the trail of petals travelled into the darkness of the woods, Sally felt a little nervous and wondered if she should tread lightly. Should she go further into the hauntedness? She wasn’t sure if she dared. Then she heard the creepy voice from beyond, “Sally, Sally step away, for I shall curse thee if you come closer. Go away.”

“Who are you and what do you want?”

“Gilly, Gilly, Goblin. I’ll come and get your soul.”

Sally stiffled a silent scream and ran and ran and ran. She couldn’t stop running and trampling on the petals. Would he come and find her? She wanted to wake up and make sure that her coins were still next to her. Would he come and steal her coins?

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2011

Thinking of Gathering their coinsSally will soon meet Flavia

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