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The Thief Who Wouldnt Learn by Jennifer Jo Fay

December 7, 2011


The Little Thief that Wouldn’t Learn   by Jennifer Jo Fay

 Chapters One through Six

Chapter One


What drives a woman, man or child to steal? One supposes it is the enticement of taking something that doesn’t belong to them. Sometimes it is a one time thing and then they smarten up and learn from their mistakes. Although, usually the case is that once they have done it once, the thrill of being sneaky remains with them for a long time. Sometimes the intent to take someone’s belongings stays with them forever. It is their shallow life, the art of stealing is so strong that the bond with the material object of their desire is crystal clear. They need it and think that the other person won’t miss it and that they will never know that its gone. Until the day that they get caught in their actions. Then they try everything in the book to pretend that they didn’t do it in the first place.


Yet the trace of their footprints and actions have left a mark and someone knows what they have done. Now is the time that they try to get away. If only they could disappear somewhere and start again. That is what little Jilly thought that she could do, at least she thought so. She wasn’t aware that her life would unravel the way it did. But her life spiraled out of control. The chain of events started because she was taught that she could get away with murder. Pretty much. But it didn’t really begin with her. It was her miserable mother that started things off wrong for Jilly. And the father. Both parents were partly to blame for the life that Jilly was to lead. Life was never very good for her and she had her mother and father to thank for that. Lucinda helped to nurture the badness that would dwell in the very core of her young daughter’s existence. And the father, Robby would have quite the nasty influence on her life too. Lucinda and Robby didn’t seem to care about teaching their daughters good morals and had no inkling about raising them right from wrong. How could they do it, when they themselves didn’t know about the values that existed in peoples lives. They had nobody to teach them to be a good person. They co existed in a time warp of bad behavior.


Lucinda Lynn Benedict lived in Essex Junction, Vermont. She had grown up living there since she could remember. Lucinda was a medium height and had dirty brown hair. Her eyes were brown. She was a teenager. She lived with her grandfather. Years ago, her mother had run off and abandoned her. Lucinda remembered when she was about five or six, the memory of her mother leaving. She didn’t know too much about her. Lucinda had the memory of her swearing something that seemed like foreign language. Earlier, that day, Lucinda had been in the penny candy store eyeballing the licorice bits and the bit o honey candy. Lucinda had been deciding what she wanted to do. She really wanted the bit o honey. The fancy wrapper held the desired treat and the thrill of looking at it was entering Lucinda’s mind. She stood near the bins of candy and wished that five or six of them would float into the air and into her mouth. She had been at school all morning and now thought that she deserved something sweet. She felt inside the pockets of her red corduroy jumper. Lucinda was also wearing a plaid turtleneck. She had skipped out of her afternoon classes. She pretended that she was feeling sick and told her teacher that she was going to puke. Miss Harringbird decided that she should go home and have some bed rest. If only she knew that she clearly did the opposite.

Lucinda didn’t have any money. She had no pennies for the candy, but she was going to be devastated if she couldn’t have it. She watched Bernard, the shopkeeper go off and help someone with something. Suddenly, she did what she thought she would never do. She grabbed eight pieces of bit o honey and shoved them deep into her pocket. She felt them resting there in the darkness of their new environment. Lucinda stood there and looked at the comics for a minute.

She looked at the Little Lulu comic book that was staring her in the face. Lucinda knew that there were no stories of Little Lulu stealing anything. Little Lulu was a good girl and everyone who read the comics about her wanted to be good. Well, Lucinda was tired of being good. She didn’t want to darn well do it anymore. Lucinda decided that she wanted to resort to a life of crime. She wanted to keep stealing and getting away with things. She had the power and now she had eight pieces of sweetness hanging out in her pocket. Lucinda walked out of Bernard’s Candy Shop. She was a free girl. She rode her bike back to her house. She lived in a tiny apartment nearby Route 117. She wasn’t too far away from the famous Five Corners.


She could see the Lincoln Inn from her bedroom. She used to watch all the people dressed up and going out to eat at the restaurant at the Inn. She wished she could be one of them. She wanted to wear a fancy pink gown and hold an extravagant clutch like one of the lovely women that walked near the handsome man. Lucinda dreamed of being wined and dined. Someday. Yet that day was never really going to come. She was to meet someone different and he was going to be on the wild side. Little did she realize she was going to someday marry a rebel. He was going to be like her.


Later, she stood in the crack of the door from her bedroom and watched her mother. Lucinda had changed into her ratty purple nightgown. She had been wearing the same one forever, as her mother had no money to buy her a new one. She really wanted a new one for Christmas, but she would never see that day appear. Lucinda popped the last bit o honey into her mouth and let it sit there. She began to suck the sweet juices from the chewy candy and watched her mother. Lacy was her name. But Lucinda didn’t know much about her. Lacy kept swearing and muttering to herself. Lucinda watched her mother pack a bunch of clothing into a large black suitcase. Lacy was shoving outfits into the compartment and then she zipped the sides up. Lacy grabbed a junky brown leather pocketbook from the bed and started to leave out the door. She stopped and looked at Lucinda for a moment. She had a really odd expression on her face. Lacy said, “Better this way, kiddo. I don’t need you. I’m looking for a jeezus fucking better life and it ain’t got yous in it, honey. The sky is mine. Bye bye. My advice to you, you little twerp. Go steal some things for yourself and sift through this rotten world. Everything is a gray stone with roughness to it. Life is a sack of shit, and with you coming into it, has gotten me down and out. Have a nice life.” Lucinda had let that sink in. At the time, it hadn’t sunken in that her mother was leaving her and would be gone forever. That was that. Lucinda wondered if her mother knew about the stolen bit o honey. Could her mother have realized that she had been chewing the hell out of something? Was it that fucking obvious? But she loved it, and she figured Bernard wasn’t going to miss some miserable pieces of candy. Jesus fucking christ. As far as Lucinda was concerned, Bernard was a fat old man that needed a good shave. She hated his bright plaid shirts. It seemed like he was always waiting around for hunting season. How many deers did the man need to hunt in order to fill up his freezer with deer meat? Lucinda felt like puking every darn time she saw the old man. She liked to hang out outside his store with her friend, Jessie. Ever since her mother abandoned her and left her with her blind old grandfather, she was a miserable girl. She vowed that she would always hate her mother for leaving lke she did. But the words that her mother parted with seemed to sink into her black infested brain. Suddenly she had been told that it was okay to steal. Her mother said she could. So Lucinda was definitely okay with that. After taking the bit o honey, she felt that she had the power to take things that were not hers. It was like having a sugar rush. And she really loved sugar, but the idea of taking bit o honey and other things really craved her instincts more. So she started hanging out with Jessie. Jessie, was tall and had black hair down to her waist. Jessie was from the wrong side of the tracks. She was brought up really poor. Lucinda decided that she was the kind of friend to have.


One day Lucinda told Jessie about stealing. “It’s really fun. You wait for Bernard dumbtwit to go to another section with another customer, and then you start shoving delectible candy into your pocket. I dare you, Jessie to do it.”

“I don’t know, Lucinda. I’m afraid I’ll get caught.”

“Watch me. I’m going to go in and I’m going to come out with a bunch of stuff. I’ll grab a bunch of the red fishy candies that you like so much. I’ll do it and get a way with it. I am so crafty, Jessie.”

“You want me to wait out here? Okay. What if he comes out and asks me what I’m doing?”

“Just chill out. I’ll be back in about ten minutes. With stuff in my pockets.”

Lucinda went in and hoped that she wouldn’t get caught. As she walked in she really wasn’t aware that her future daughter was going to follow in her footsteps and then get in much more trouble. Lucinda thought that trouble would never ever find her, but she was going to find out someday. If it wasn’t her that was going to get caught, it was going to be someone of her blood and sweat that was going to be a downfall. Lucinda came out of the penny candy store in ten minutes and handed Jessie seven pieces of red fishies. Jessie smiled and wolfed them down. She thanked her new best friend and they began to eat candy every day. It was a glorious day as the sun was shining down upon them. But how many rays could they catch before things began to untwist into a world of devastation? Lucinda didn’t seem to care.


She now held the secret to collecting her beloved bit o honey and her red fishies for her friend. 




Chapter Two


The years went by and Lucinda grew older. Now she was a teenager. She was about eighteen years old and suddenly she wasn’t a little girl anymore. Her grandfather had raised her, but really didn’t know what she was up to. As Lucinda grew older she didn’t stop at stealing the bit o honey. She got older and got a little more sneaky. For a while, she stole the candies that she wanted. Then she decided to steal things from other people too. She saw a nice radio flyer tricycle that was sitting in someone’s yard. She really wanted it and knew that her grandfather would never get her one. She decided to ride it out of their yard and into her own. For a little while she parked it behind the house where nobody would see it. She wanted it to now be hers. She tried to steal whatever she could get her filthy hands on. As she became a teenager, she stole a nice deep pocketbook to stash her stolen necessities into. She had to honestly thank grandfather for that one. He had kept it from her mother so that she could one day have it. She vowed she would one day thank her shitty mother for leaving her a lovely bag to remind her of her mother.

Lucinda walked into the local library. She went to her favorite part of it. She loved to look at the fiction books. She found one of her favorite authors. She loved Lisa Jackson’s mysteries. She grabbed one or two of them and shoved them in her pocketbook. She never once got herself a library card. She didn’t want them to know who she was. As far as she was concerned, she was going to stay a stranger to them. On the way out the front door, she grabbed a pamphlet on places to dine out. She was glad that she didn’t beep going out the door. She could hardly wait to start reading the books.

She opened the door to her white Pontiac. It was all dinged up and was fourteen years old. She had bought it used with money she had stolen from people. Now it was her way of getting where she wanted to go. It was now four in the afternoon and she had to go to her job. For the last year she had started working and making some money. She was getting minimum wage and didn’t make very much, but it was something. She worked full time at a dumpy diner called Sally’s HomePlate Diner. Her blind as a bat grandfather told her she had to get a job or else he would kick her out on the streets. At seventeen she didn’t want to be living under a tree somewhere so she was forced to look for something. She was very angry as her other high school friends got to live at home until they went to college. That made her really upset.

Lucinda had dreams of going to college. But she knew she would never be able to. For one thing she had gotten really bad grades and knew she was going to just barely pass high school. She was thankful she was going to graduate next month with her friends. Most of her teachers always had an evil eye on her. She had been caught cheating in class several times. A lot of times she got away with it, but one teacher, Miss Harper, caught her cheating one day and sent her to detention. She hated Miss Harper. One night, Lucinda had a dream that Miss Harper got attacked by an alligator. She remembered waking up laughing to herself. She really wished she had a video of that one.

Lucinda drove along the busy roads to her job. Suddenly she cut in front of another driver and got in the right lane. The driver was peeved and beeped his horn at her. She rolled down her window and stuck up her middle finger to him. She hollered out her window, “You suck, moron! Go suck yourself.” She rolled up the window and then muttered to herself, “Old fart. Old timers shouldn’t be on the road.” She turned up the radio when she heard a Whitesnake song come on. She loved rock and roll. Her grandfather listened to the darn country station and she hated it with a passion. She wished she could get a gun and shoot that nasty radio. That would really piss off the old man. She loved making people mad. She got off on it.

Lucinda pulled into a run down parking lot and got out of the car. She put her car keys into her pocketbook and went inside the diner. It always smelled kind of disgusting. Things weren’t always clean. The floors were a black and white checkered pattern and were chipped and cracked in places. The walls were a really ancient floral pattern in the style of the seventies, yet it did nothing to make the diner really great looking. The walls probably hadn’t been washed in a while. Yet, people still came in a lot as the food was good. That’s what people wanted. They wanted to leave the diner with full bellies.

“You’re fifteen minutes late. Where were you? Next time you’re late, you’re fired.” said Lou. Lou Farris was the owner and manager of the diner. He was a chunky guy with a white beard and long sideburns. He was wearing a yellow shammy shirt and blue jeans. He wasn’t really tall but neither was he short either.

“Sorry, Lou. I really need this job. It won’t happen again. I promise. I need to get my own place soon. My stupid old man plans to kick me out.”

“Too bad for you, huh. Well, can you start waiting on people? We’ve got two couples seated over there and they haven’t been waited on yet. Get your apron and get on it pronto.”

“Okay.” Lucinda put on the red and white gingham apron and went over to the first couple that were seated in the booth. The booths were a red color and the tables were white. Some of the tables had mustard stains on it that wouldn’t come out, no matter how much she tried to get it out. Lucinda didn’t really like her job, yet it created money for her. She liked the tips. She really didn’t care for Lou, but he was her boss and she couldn’t change that fact. He let her work into the wee hours of the morning. He knew she was hard up for money and let her do it. Lou knew that by law teenagers weren’t supposed to work extra hours, but he let her get away with it. It was hard to get good workers into his diner. People were leaving all the time. Sometimes, people would quit with no notice and he would be up a creek. He liked that Lucinda always showed up even if sometimes she was late. He really didn’t want to fire her, but when she was late, he liked to put the scare into her. 



Chapter Three


Meanwhile, in another state, there was a different girl who at one point would cross paths with Lucinda. Yet right now this other girl was in a little town in Maine. Her name was Alice Elizabeth Stillwater. She lived in a little town named Crescentville. It was nearby Cedarport. Cedarport was a large city near the harbor. Crescentville was a smaller town that wasn’t too built up yet. Alice lived in a little village called Redbank Village. It was a really nice neighborhood filled with lots of families. Alice lived with her parents, George and Katherine. Alice was the oldest of three children. They lived in an upstairs apartment on Cherry Lane. In the downstairs apartment were some elderly neighbors. They had a pet cat that Alice liked to pet. Alice had brown hair and blue eyes. Her sister, Elena had blonde hair and blue eyes. Elena was two years younger than Alice. They had a younger brother, Jason. George and Katherine loved their children. George grew up in another town nearby Crescentville. He was the youngest of his family. When George was a teenager, he lost his father to a boating accident in a rather large lake. Sebago Lake. His father had been a school teacher and was an excellent swimmer. One day he and a friend had been fishing on the lake. They hadn’t thought about the weather too well and were surprised by a storm. Their boat capsized and George’s father drowned. There was a large search party. The friend survived by George’s dad did not. In fact, his body was never recovered and George was left as a growing teenager with no father. George grew up later on and in college met Katherine. Katherine was a beautiful girl. She was the youngest of four children. She lived in Redbank Village. She had lived their all her life. Her mother, Jasmine was also a beautiful lady. Jasmine loved her children. And Katherine grew up to love hers too. Katherine had a really happy disposition like her mother. They were best friends. Katherine had a best friend, Cindy that lived one street over from Katherines mom and dad. Cindy’s mother, Eleanor was also Jasmine’s best friend. As Katherine grew up, everyone knew everyone in the village. As Katherine got older, people moved out of the village. It was a village for lower income families and Redbank had a reputation. But amidst all that, there were many really good families, despite the lower incomes. Katherine’s father worked for a shoe company. Jasmine was a stay at home mother and had never learned to drive a car. Jasmine was always baking. She also loved to knit and crochet. When Katherine got married to George, they were so much in love. They first lived in an upstairs downstairs apartment a few streets away from her mom and dad. Then as their family grew they lived in their current upstairs apartment still a few streets away. They could see Jasmine’s house from their kitchen window. Alice grew up in the midst of a great close knit family. Katherine’s brother and sister had children, so they had lots of cousins. Katherine’s other brother moved to England and became a famous author and wrote a bunch of mysteries. Her brother, Herman didn’t have any children of his own. Alice, Elena and Jason

loved having their grandparents nearby. They got to visit all the time. When they weren’t in school they were having lunch down at their nana’s and grampy’s house. They got to walk practically across the street to their grammar school. The little blue school house could be seen from their living room. When the bell rang, they would run back to school after lunchtime. Alice loved recess. Her favorite thing to do was play on the monkey bars. One day, she remembered falling and getting hurt. She started crying and Mrs. Ellis came to her rescue and helped her feel better. She ended up getting a bruise.

When their cousins visited from Pennsylvania, they stayed at nana and grampy’s house. Alice and her family loved it. Everyone was down to nana and grampys all the time visiting. Other relatives from Bath, Maine would come visit too. The whole family knew each other and was very close. They went to Two Lights State Park, Crescent Beach, Scarborough Beach, and all kinds of other places. There were big family picnics. Katherine’s cousin, Jeannie was her best friend. They were like sisters. They spent summer’s together in Litchfield, Maine and would go strawberry picking. Katherine’s mother grew up in the country near Litchfield. Jasmine was one of seven children.

Alice loved her nana. She also loved her grammy on George’s side of the family. She had some cousins on his side of the family too, but her cousins from that side lived out in Montana. Alice’s grammy paid their way to come out and visit. It was very important to Alice’s grammy, Matilda to have the kids know their cousins out west. She didn’t want her grandchildren to grow up not knowing each other. Matilda was from the old world. She was very old fashioned and grew up in a very proper world. She was a school teacher. She grew up in an old brick house with two sisters. One of the sisters moved to Italy after getting married. The other sister got zapped by lightning when she was a little girl. It was a fluke accident. So Matilda had her share of sorrow. And then there was the loss of her husband. He had been everything to her, and then suddenly she was forced to raise three teenagers without him. Once when George was little, he spilled india ink on his mother’s yellow curtains and he caught he double hockey sticks for it. They didn’t speak to each other for about two weeks.

George’s mother went with him to Springer’s jewelers when he picked out Katherine’s ring for their engagement. George always remembered the day he and katherine were sitting on her parents couch and the doorbell rang. It was Katherine’s old boyfriend, Carl. He wanted her back and there was nothing in the world that would make her come to him again. She was bound to George forever and the string of their future life together was never to be broken.

Katherine was a stay at home mother. She was following in Jasmine’s footsteps. Back in the seventies every mother in the village was a stay at home mother. Katherine had a bunch of neighborhood friends that would come over to visit. Everyone usually sat either in her kitchen or in the back yard sipping iced tea and eating Sarah Lee pound cakes or other types of coffee cakes. Everyone knew how to bake and everyone cooked for their husbands. Katherine’s friends usually had kids that got to play with Alice, Elena and Jason while the adults visited. Alice began to have best friends, Julianne who was Katherine’s friends daughter. Julianne had a little brother, Jeremy. Elena had a crush on her brother when she was a little older. Julianne and Alice loved to play with their honeyhills. They were little fabric dolls that were very popular when the girls were growing up.


At the time that Lucinda was growing up and the year her mother abandoned her, Alice was turning thirteen. Alice was quite a few years older than Lucinda. One of the differences between Lucinda and Alice was the fact that there were a lot more morals and values nurtured in Alice and Lucinda lacked that. Alice was a good girl with a lot of innocence to her and Lucinda considered her self to be actually possessed by the devil. Lucinda, really believed that her father was the absolute devil. She prayed to one day meet the devil in person.


Alice, was thirteen and began to cast aside her childhood toys. Alice began to leave her beloved Flopsie Mopsie Kadiddlehopper at the bottom of the bed. Alice had an aunt on her dad’s side of the family that called her Magruder Kadiddlehopper. Her aunt Jessicca had lots of names for all her nieces and nephews.


Alice was very lucky to have a wonderful mother and father. Her grammy reminded Katherine all the time that their three children were their greatest accomplishments. Alice was very protected from the harsh realities of a cruel world that they lived in. Katherine always was a mother that believed in teaching her children right from wrong. She was always there for them.




Chapter Four



One late afternoon during summer of Alice’s thirteenth year, she and her best friend, Belinda were playing tennis at their junior high school tennis courts. Belinda had been Alice’s best friend all through grammar school. Belinda lived a few streets away from Alice. Belinda had brown hair that was shorter and frizzy. Alice’s hair was longer. Today Alice’s hair was in a ponytail. She had a red scrunchie holding it together. Alice was wearing a pale pink tee shirt and blue jeans with a bell bottom flare. She had on Nike sneakers that were white and had a little bit of baby blue to them.


Belinda was wearing a white baseball style shirt with navy blue sleeves. The sleeves were short and hung above her elbows. Her shorts were red with a white trim on the sides. She was wearing navy blue sneakers. Both girls kept batting the green Wilson tennis ball back and forth. Sometimes both girls missed the ball and had to run to go fetch it. They weren’t really keeping score. They were just having fun playing. Alice sometimes liked to spike the ball.


There was also a wooden board that was attached to one part of the fence. Sometimes Alice would go to the tennis court by herself and just practice hitting the ball against the board. Today, both girls decided to practice against it for a little bit.


Belinda looked at Alice, “Artie likes you.”


Does he? But I like Patrick. He’s really cute. He has that long hair. I like that.”

I like Patrick too. You can’t have him.” Belinda gave Alice a look that told her to back off.

Who says you can have him? I heard that Julie likes him and he might like her. So maybe neither one of us can have him.”

Have you ever had a boy call you?”

No. Have you?”

I have once. Terry called me a few weeks ago. He asked me to go out with him and I said no. He’s kind of ugly.”

Looks aren’t everything. He seems like a nice guy.”

I want Patrick and I’m going to have him. I want to be his girl.”

Belinda, quit dreaming. It isn’t going to happen. You and I just aren’t the type of girls that boys want. We’re too quiet. Boys like the outgoing girls. You know, the popular ones?”

I wish we were popular. It’s not fair.” Belinda whacked the ball against the wall. “Can I tell you a secret?”

Give it up. What is it?”

My uncle Jonah asked me to undress in front of him when I was eleven. I did what he asked. Then he came over to me and started touching my private parts. He had me do that for him at several barbecues. He had me go into my bedroom where there was privacy and he asked to touch me. For a while, I thought it was okay. Then I started getting embarrassed about it. It makes me mad now that he did that to me. It wasn’t right, was it?”

No. He shouldn’t have done that to you. You should tell your parents about it. They should know what he did.”

I’m afraid to tell them. I haven’t told anyone up until now. Sometimes, I feel dirty.”

You shouldn’t have. You did nothing wrong. He took advantage of you. Thank-you for telling me.”

Promise me, you won’t tell anyone. I would die if people found out.”

I won’t, Belinda. I pinky swear.” Alice slammed the tennis ball against the board a few more times. Then the girls were just quiet for a little bit. They kept practicing. Suddenly, Belinda hit the ball hard enough and it went over the metal fence and into the woods nearby. She decided to climb over the fence instead of going around the long way to retrieve it. As she climbed over, she fell and began to cry.

Owww!!!!” she screamed bloody murder.

Are you alright?” Alice asked. She suddenly got really worried for her friend. She didn’t want to see Belinda hurt in any way. She ran around to the outside of the fence and went over to Belinda. Alice was bewildered to see a massive gash from under her arm. Blood was gushing out and she looked a disheveled mess. Belinda was crouched on the ground and the orange pine needles were surrounding her body as she struggled to get up. “Wow. That looks huge. Let me go get some help.”


Alice ran across the street and headed to the nearby Branch Library. She went inside and found one of the librarians. “Can I get someone to help me? My friend climbed over the fence across the street and her arm has a big gash. She might have to go to the hospital to have it looked at.” Immediately the librarian called 911 to come to the rescue. “Go back over to your friend. The ambulance is going to be on the way shortly.” Alice listened to her and went back to her friend.

Belinda was standing up, but still very hurt. “That was pretty stupid of me huh?”

Hey, we all do stupid things.”


They waited for the ambulance to come. Within five minutes, it arrived and a few

men came out and over to the rescue. “How did it happen?” one of them asked. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that were the color of the sea.

I was climbing over the fence to get the ball and I got caught.”

Let’s have a look at it.” He studied the gushing cut. “Nice and deep. You’re going to need stitches. Are you okay to walk?”

Yeah. I’m okay. It hurts really bad!”

It will for a while. That looks nasty. Why don’t you climb into the ambulance and we’ll take you for a ride to the hospital. What is your name?”

Belinda Carmichael.”

How old are you?”

I just turned thirteen last week.”

Oh, okay.” Belinda climbed into the ambulance. “You can lie down on the cot if you want and rest. Are you her friend?”

Yes, I’m Alice Stillwater. We both live in Redbank Village.”

You can climb in too and ride along with her. Keep her company.”

Okay.” Alice sat near Belinda. She studied her cut. It looked really bad. Alice had never seen anyone really hurt before. This was a whole new thing for her. She had seen things on tv shows and movies but never in real life. She was afraid for her friend.


Alice and Belinda held on tight as the ambulance sped through the busy streets of their little town. Soon the ambulance arrived at the Maine Medical Center. The girls got out and they followed the men into the emergency room. They checked in and Belinda gave the receptionist all the details of herself, her parents and where she lived. Then for a little while they waited. Alice waited and waited. It seemed like such a long time. When would her friend get taken care of? They were waiting with lots of other people. Alice watched all the workers rushing around to different places. It had been a long time since she had been in a hospital.


When Alice was six, she had to be rushed to the hospital to have her appendix out. She had been sick for a few days with the flu. Sometimes, she liked being sick as she didn’t have to go to school. It was sort of like playing hooky, but with a good reason to stay home. She remembered throwing up a lot and she had a sore throat. Then on the second day, her lips started puffing up. She had been drinking lots of coke and gingerale and her jelly intake was increasing. Finally her mom took her to see Dr. Larrannie. He checked her over and said she needed to be rushed to the hospital. She had an appendix that was about to erupt. Surgery immediately followed suit.


Alice remembered after the operation, she got lots of toys and cards. Stuffed animals. She also got a cool Raggeddy Anne Color forms. That was her favorite thing. She remembered playing with them in the room where she had been recovering. She also liked the little kids play room. That was fun.


When Alice was older, she also had her hernias out. She remembered she got to have lots of cool treats afterwards. Anything cold and sweet was really good. Her cousin, Mandy was visiting at the time and came to visit her. Alice didn’t need to stay in the hospital as long that time.


So now, she waited with Belinda. Her friend was very nervous and in a real hurtful pain. Finally the doctors came and got them. They were brought into a small room and Belinda waited for the doctors to get started. Soon a really nice woman came in and began the process of stitching her up. Alice didn’t want to look, but found herself fascinated with the process. She watched as the woman put the black stitches in place. Within a short bit, Belinda was taken care of.


There, good as new, honey. We’ve called your parents and your mom is on the way. No climbing fences anymore. It’s a sure fire way to get yourself hurt again.”


I’ve learned my lesson.” Belinda said.


You girls having a good summer?”


Yes. We go back to school in a few weeks though. I wish summer would last forever.” said Alice. If only she had magic powers to make time stop. Sometimes she wished that she had been born as a witch. Where was her magic broom when she needed it. Alice was a little bit tired now. She hated having to wait. She was being very patient. But she wanted to be a good friend and stay for the duration. She was getting really hungry.


After a little bit, Belinda’s mom, Lucia came and picked them up. As they were driving home, Lucia said, “Alice, would you like to stay for supper tonight? You were really nice to stay with Belinda today.”


Okay.” Food sounded really good. Both girls were famished. They had had a light lunch at Alice’s house and then had been playing all afternoon. They got to Belinda’s house and had scalloped potatoes for supper. A short while after, Alice stepped into her sneakers and said goodbye for the night. She was exhausted and wanted to go home. She wanted to see her family and then sit down in her bedroom and work on her artwork. Alice loved to draw and write. Those were two of her favorite things to do. The story she was working on was called Blackmore Mansion. It was a mystery she was writing by hand and it had fifty women characters in it. She had a baby name book, that she liked to look at and pick out her names.


When she got home, she told her mom what had happened. For a while, she worked on her artwork and then her story.

Finally, she fell asleep into a land of mysterious slumber.



The Thief Who Wouldnt Learn Chapter Five

Lucinda woke up early one morning. She looked at her stolen red clock and knew that she had to get up and greet another bummer day. She had to go to school and then later she had to work for Lou. What a pain in her royal side. Well, she wished she was royalty.

She had dreamed about it last night. She dreamed that she was the Queen of England and she was dining on strawberries dipped in chocolate. She had five men at her feet and she was getting a rather lovely massage. Then her dream turned and she was only visiting the Queen in the middle of the night and she was dressed all in black and had the glorious crowned jewels dangling from her hands. Then the alarm clock rang.

“Crap.’ she said as she stood up. Life wasn’t fair and she hated the rich people of the world. Couldn’t they have trees made of money and plant ten of them in her grandfather’s yard? She could only hope. She walked to her closet and grabbed a black skirt and a low cut black shirt.

She enjoyed showing her cleavage and at least if she hadn’t stepped into someone’s house yet wearing black, she was going to be determined to wear black today. She quickly dressed and put on the red heart necklace that she had stolen from The Beauty Shop just outside the Essex Town the other night. She had quickly slipped it into her pocketbook when nobody was looking. The store clerk was busy helping another customer with something and was tied up.

Lucinda ran down the stairs and walked quickly past her grandfather. He was busy eating his oatmeal but he had a minute to holler, “You filthy little tramp. Just like your mother, dressing the way you do.”

“Shut up, old man. Aren’t you blind as a bat?”

“Not when I see your filth hanging out for the world to see, you little whore. When are you going to tend to those dishes that are sitting in the sink? I asked you to do them yesterday.”

“Go pee in your pants. Or rather, just do it in your DEPENDS. Don’t you ever change those things? You smell like a pig pen. How come my grandfather can’t be Sean Connery?”

“Cause he has the midas touch and you ain’t never gonna see a penny of it. You’re born from the filth you came from. Her womb was filled with evil dirt.”

Lucinda had enough of his crabbing and slammed the door behind her. She stepped into the car, started the ignition and drove to school. She ran through a red light as she was in a hurry and she didn’t seem to care about the other driver that had to stop quick so they wouldn’t hit her.

As she got to school, she parked her car and ran to class. As she passed the other car next to her, she heard a girl with blonde hair yell, “Hey tramp, you parked awfully close to my car. You scratch my red paint I’m going to sue your poor soul.”

Lucinda flipped her the finger and went inside. The other girl was Sarah Matthews and she was the most popular girl in school. She was dating Jeremy Collins and he was classified as the boy most likely to succeed. She hated both of them. She wished that Sarah would eat worms and die. If only dreams could come true. Life wasn’t fair. But dreams were like heaven. Lucinda loved to dream. It was her favorite thing to do. Well, besides stealing.

She loved the thrill of it. She loved to sit behind a desk like Silas Marner and count all the things she stole. The piles were getting mighty high, and the stakes were getting a little larger.

She thought of Jeremy. She wished that she could get him in the girls bathroom and have Sarah come in and find them together. That was her sweetest temptation. She was waiting for the day where she could no longer call herself a virgin.

She went to Math class. She hated algebra and wished that Mr. Thompson could turn into a smore and eat him. He was kind of handsome too. She wished that she could have her way with him after school. One day, he had called her aside and given her the results of her math test. She was hoping that he would suggest that they find themselves in a closet for ten minutes of sheer excitement, but she was dulled by the words that came out of his mouth. “You failed the test. You’re going to flunk the class if you don’t start studying.” She flipped him the finger behind his back that day and left the room.

After twenty five minutes the bell rang and it was time for a break. Lucinda decided that she had had enough for the day and decided to skip school. New found freedom. She was now going to be a regular class skipper. She just wished that her best friend would do the same thing. She got upset when she wouldn’t join in on her fun adventurous crimes. It’s more fun when two can play.

Lucinda went out to her car. She looked at the expensive red car next to her. It wasn’t fair that Sarah had parents that could buy her a car for her birthday. Unreal. Lucinda opened her door and grabbed a knife that was hiding under her seat. She pulled it out and went over to Sarah’s car. Quickly she slashed her tires really deeply, created a nasty scratch on her door and got in her car and drove away.

Lucinda decided that she wanted to go to the Arianna Day Spa and use the checkbook that she took out of someone’s pocketbook. Then, she wanted to go get lunch at a fancy restaurant with it. Then, she would chuck it in the woods somewhere. She didn’t want to use it in a lot of places for fear of getting caught.

After, she had finished her sirloin steak later on, she headed to Lou’s to get to work. He looked at her and said, “Next time you come to work in that shirt, you’re fired.”

“Oh, Lou, you know you like it. Bet your thingie is getting hard, huh? Did you here the story about the man who cried wolf? The wolf lunged for him and bit it off. I dreamed it was you.”

“Get to work.” Lou started laughing and went back to tending to customers. Sometimes he just liked to get her going. Little did he know that later that evening, she was back doing the dishes and eating a piece of the cheesecake they sold to the customers. She ate it in less than two minutes and washed the dish clean.

She went home later that evening, fell asleep dreaming that she was Marilyn Monroe and Jeremy was having his way with her. And loving it of course. Sweet.


The Thief Who Wouldn’t Learn Chapter Six

Lucinda went to school the next day. She was wearing a red striped shirt and a black skirt. She was wearing stolen Mary Janes. She had her hair back in a ponytail today. She was humming in the car. Then the next rock and roll song started and she started belting out the lyrics. “Walk this way, talk this way, just give me a kiss!” Lucinda was grooving and started slapping the steering wheel to the rhythm. She simply loved rock and roll. She never told anyone, but in a drawer next to her nightstand, she had a spiral notebook that contained her lyrics that she had written.

In the quiet nights in her bedroom, she drummed up songs that she wished she could play to the world. It was her secret dream. Besides wishing that she was the Queen, she wanted to be a hot and juicy rock star that had to sign autographs everywhere she turned. Pipe dream. Like when was that ever going to happen?

She quickly turned into the parking lot and got out of the car. She made sure she locked it. She didn’t want anyone sifting through the stolen things in her car.

As she walked to school, she caught Sarah running to her. “How dare you slash my tires, you disgusting pig! I had to get a ride to school today because of you and my parents have to help me pay for new tires. You should rot with the devil himself.”

“I didn’t slash your tires. Don’t blame it on me! I wasn’t anywhere near your car.”

“You were parked right next to me, you stupid witch. Or should I say, School Flunkie.”

“You have no proof that I did anything to your car. Go suck on an apple so we don’t have to hear you speak. Your that pig on a platter. However.”

“What? Gonna confess?” Sarah was absolutely livid and her floral red dress spread to her firey cheeks.

“No, I was gonna say, you might want to watch your boyfriend’s roving eyes. I might decide to steal him out from under your nose.”

“Is that a threat? I have words for you, but I’m going to refrain. Of course, your mouth comes from the gutter, so I can just imagine what you say to people. People can see right through a person like you. You have no morals.”

“Well, you better watch it, because I heard that he is getting tired of you and wants a change. Maybe he would like a bad girl like me.”

“Yeah, right. Go on dreaming. He’s all mine and nobody is going to take him from me.”

“Nothing lasts forever honey, and he is just using you to get at your parents money. He’s got dollar signs in his eyes, baby.”

Lucinda walked past her and went to class.

Later on, she went to work for Lou. She was on time today and put on her apron. After quite a long time working, she wanted a break. She went back and stole a cigarette and a lighter out of one of the guy employees bags. Then she walked outside the dive to puff a smoke. It was a new habit of hers. It was hard to steal the cigarettes from stores, as they were usually behind the counter all locked up. This was when she wished she had a friend that worked behind the counter, so she could steal the key and maybe break in at night.

But she did end up spending her hard earned money on some packs of cigarettes a week. One day, her grandfather caught her smoking and he said, “Ya are gonna have yeeself some black lungs, girlie. And die of the canca.” She just laughed at him and puffed some smoke in his face.

After she was done working, Lucinda decided to go to the gas station. She parked her car very close to the station. She donned a black ski mask over her face and ran inside the station. She got herself to the counter and whipped out a silver 9mm gun. “Now, really slowly open up your register and give me all your cash. Here’s a bag to put the money in. DO IT!”

The girl behind the counter started to cry and was really afraid. She didn’t want to die at the hands of a robber.

“Come on girl. I don’t have all day while you stand there and pee your pants.” The blonde haired girl opened the cash register and reluctantly put the money in the brown sack. “Oh, and give me a few packs of your Marlborough Lights. I need a quick fix.” The girl unlocked the glassed case and fished out some packs and handed them to Lucinda.

“Thanks.” Lucinda ran out the door and hopped into her car with the stolen cash and ciggies. Then she sped out of there as fast as she could so nobody could catch the liscence plate. Yay, she got away. The girl behind the counter was still in shock and there had been nobody else in the store at the time of her latest escapade.

Suddenly, she realized that she was still wearing the ski mask. Before she could take it off she saw a young guy driving by in a black Porsche. He looked at her and was startled. She kept driving. Then after a minute she noticed that the guy in the car had turned around and was following her. She immediately felt the panic button in her throat and she suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe. What was she going to do in order to lose him? She didn’t want to get caught. That was all she needed.

Right about this point she started having an adrenaline rush. Oh, this was so exciting! She was just about to have herself a high speed chase. She pumped her car to seventy and further. She was on a rampage and he was hot on her tails. “What a nerve he has.” She rolled down her window and hollered, “Go home, you crazy jock! Go play your football game.”

In a heated race he followed her through the streets. He was in his car speeding along to stay on her trail. Who was she? he wondered.

Finally she looked behind her and couldn’t really see him anymore, so she went home to her grandfathers, parked the car and went inside with her stolen cash and her nasty habit.

Little did she know, the black Porsche was parked a little further away at the end of the street and the guy behind the wheel watched her walk inside. But first he caught a glimpse of her as she pulled off her mask. He could see her.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted November 2011



More chapters to come.


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