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Happy New Year 2012

January 22, 2012

I have seriously got to get back here soon and write my next chapters of my two novels.  I’ve been procrastinating.  Not that I haven’t been writing, but it seems like I have been all over the internet writing at different sites and just trying to figure out how to earn some money online writing.  I’ve been writing lots of poetry and some recipes with Triond, poetry and a few articles with wikinut and helium and blogher and wizzley.  I got banned last November from Hubpages for blogging.  But at the time I didn’t know I was blogging.  Now that I know all about blogging, I am not blogging on the other sites.  Although Triond accepts it.  And Wikinut you can publish the same things that get published with Triond.  I am very discouraged with the earnings.  We’re talking pennies and piddly change.  But I have heard that some of them are doing pretty well.  And there are professional bloggers making a passive income.


With Blogher this month, I am participating with NaBloPoMo on my blogs with Blogger and should do the same with my blog on Vistaprint, my paper doll website.


I’ve been writing pretty regularly on two of my blogs and started a third a few days ago that will be primarily for notes and title ideas to share with others.  I’ve probably put a little too much on my plate and have been trying to keep up with all of the sites.  I signed up for Bukisa and Gather but haven’t done anything there yet.

I don’t know if I really like Helium.  I have written about ten to fifteen articles for them and no earnings yet.  I don’t like that.  I should at least be able to see some action, even if it is in pennies.


I have heard of ExpertColumns but I am not sure if I want to sign up for that one.  The Authentic Life  Mommie Dearest 101  Bloggers Block  an online notebook full of inspirations  I’ve got to get back to write at this one too.


And to top things off, I’m selling stuff on Ebay and am weeding out my house.  


And I’ve also been busy cutting out a bunch of fabric circles to someday make one of those yo yo quilts.  One of my daughters wanted one of my circles tonight and she is using it as a table for her littlest pet shop characters.


They are quietly playing with the littlest pet shops.  They had a fight earlier and one threw the pet shop character against a wall and lied and told the other the head broke, when it didn’t.  Mom had to step in and play hall monitor.  And to top things off, Mom is sick with a nasty cold.  Went for a walk in the snow fall this afternoon just to clear things out.  


Wrote a few posts today on the Mommie blog and the Authentic Life.  One about exercising and a bunch on kids.  Beyonce’s crazy delivery, Suri Cruise in heels and Toddlers and Tiaras.


And I had to go to the post office to return something for a refund.  I ordered something thinking I was getting this nice lightbox for tracing the paperdolls and when it came in the mail instead it was this $19.99 lightbulb for it.  They were misleading as they didn’t actually have a picture of just a light bulb and their discription was for a light tracer instead of the bulb.  Luckily I will be able to get a refund.


Jennifer Jo Fay


January 21, 2012










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