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The Glorious Money Tree: Chapter Five

May 9, 2012


Sally woke up the next morning.  The sunny rays filtered into the room.  She pulled open her white drawer from her bureau and picked out a blue and white striped turtleneck, black leggings and a white frilly skirt to wear over the leggings.

She went downstairs and jumped from the third step to the bottom.  She landed on the princess patterned beanbag chair.  It was deflated slightly, but her mom still let her keep it.  She taught Betsy to jump from the second step.  One day Sally had tried jumping from the fifth step and her Pappa caught her and told her not to do it anymore.  He said she could break a leg.


She sat down to watch a few minutes of tv before heading off to school.  Mamma fixed her some toast with jam and a small glass of orange juice.  “Did you have a good night sleep last night?”

“Sort of.  I met Flavia.  She is the most beautiful fairy I’ve ever met, Mamma.”

“I knew that you would like her.  What did she tell you?  Is she going to help you?”

“Yes, she said she would.  She told me about meeting Gramma.”  Then Sally had a sudden frown on her face.

“I don’t like that look.  What happened?”

“She needed to go visit a girl in China.  She was crying.  I hope she is alright.  What do you think could have happened to the girl?  Something else happened too, Mamma.  Something scary.”

“Oh what was it, honey?”  Lara finished putting some snacks and healthy foods into Sally’s lunch bag.

“I think I heard the voice of Gilly Gilly Goblin.  I don’t like him.  I think he was going to come get me.  Will he try to hurt me?”

“I hope not.  Don’t worry, I won’t let him hurt a hair on your head.  Maybe Flavia will tell you about the girl.”

“I hope so.  I want to know why she cries.”  Sally felt sad and a part of her was sobbing.  Silently.

“You have a ten more minutes before you need to go catch the bus.  Eat your breakfast.  Then you need to comb that hair.  I can see some snarls.”

“Okay.”  Sally slowly sat down and started eating and vedging out for a few minutes.  Betsy was watching Sesame Street.  Sally didn’t really care for the show anymore, but she still found herself watching it.

Finally, she gathered her things and went out to meet Heather at the bus stop.

Heather’s hair was in ponytails today and she was wearing a strawberry patterned leggings and a pink baby doll top with a cute ruffle at the bottom.  And attached to the ruffle was a crocheted edging that was sewn on.

“Did you tell your Mamma and Pappa about planting the money tree?”

“Yes.  I didn’t want to, but they squeezed it out of me.”

“What did they say?  Are they going to let you grow the tree?”

“She said I could.  Mamma said the fairy’s name is Flavia.”

“But Mr. Ed said her name was Desiree.”

“Maybe he got her name wrong.  Mamma said it’s Flavia and Mamma met her when she was a little girl.  And Gramma met her the year after Grampy died.  That’s what Pappa said.”

“Wow.  She must be a really old fairy if she’s been around that long!  Do you think she has gray hair?”  Heather stuck a finger to her lips for a moment and pulled out her pink bubblegum and threw it on the ground.”

“Litter bug.  Now someone is going to step in that and get it all over their shoe!  Better not be me!”

Heather picked it up, and tossed it into the nearby bush near the woods.  “Maybe a squirrel would get stuck.  That would be funny.”

“She doesn’t have gray hair.  I met her last night.  She’s the most beautiful fairy ever!  Her wings are like gossamer.  So shimmery!”

“What did she say to you?  Was she nice?  Does she have an accent?”

“I don’t think fairies have an accent.  What’s an accent?  Where did you hear that?”

“My mom has a Maine Accent.  She’s always saying ‘You Can’t get there from here.  So what did you talk about?  Is she going to help us?”

“She said she would.  She flys.  She had to leave me and fly to China to help a girl who was crying.”

“Wow.  That’s a long ways away.  Do you think she dug a hole for a short cut?  Mommy used to dig a hole to China when she was a Fairy Beach in Maine.  She told me once that she tried it and it worked!  Isn’t that awesome?  I want to do that too.  I want to go to China and be a Geisha.  They’re so pretty.”

“Hey, maybe Flavia will fly us to China and we can help that girl.  Tell her to stop crying.”


“Oh, one more thing.  I sort of met Gilly Gilly Goblin.  He is scary.  I don’t like his voice and I don’t want him to put a curse on me like he did my Mamma.”

“Wow.  What kind of curse did he put on her?”

“I don’t know.  She didn’t tell me.”

The girls turned and saw their bus coming.  It slowed to a stop and the girls hopped on.  “Have you planted your money tree yet, Sally?”  asked Mrs. Bumpy.

“Not yet.  I’m going to plant it this afternoon after school.  My Mamma wanted me to ask what your name is.”

“It’s Mrs. Lacey, dear.  Remember to plant my heart with it.”

“I will.  Thank-you.  I met Flavia the fairy last night.”

Mrs. Lacey smiled, and said, “I know her cousin, JudaBelle.  She’s the song fairy.  May’be she will let you meet her too.  You would love her just as much.  Now, go sit down, so I can start driving.”

Once at school, the girls got off and walked inside.  They saw Mr. Ed waiting in the hallway.  He was wearing a brown suit with a pink paisley tie.

“Did you girl’s pick a daisy for Desiree yet?”

“Not yet, but Mamma said her name was Flavia, not Desiree.  Mamma met her when she was my age.  Mamma planted a money tree too.”

“Oh, I’m sorry.  I thought her name was Desiree.  I was passed down a story from my Great Grammy that she had met a fairy named Desiree.  My Great Grammy once was a little girl and she called upon a pretty fairy to come and tell her what her future was going to be.  It was Desiree, the fairy who could tell you your future.”

“Wow.  That would be cool.  Where can we find her?”

“You know what?  Maybe it wasn’t a daisy for her.  Flavia will want a daisy.  Now that I think of the story, my Great Grandmother said Desiree lived on a poppy flower.”

“So did she tell your Great Grandmother her future?”

“Yes.  She told her she was going to have lots of children and she did.”  Mr. Ed smiled.  “Better get on to class, girls.”

The girls went into Mrs. Bagley’s classroom and took their seats.  Ronny looked at Sally and asked,” Did you plant the money tree?”

“Not yet.  I’m going to plant it after school.”

“Cool.  Can I help?  I only live down the street from you, so my Mom won’t mind if I get off at your house.”


“That will be fun.  I can hardly wait for it to grow some money!”

“Me too.  I met Gilly Gilly Goblin.  He’s scary.  I’m not sure if we are going to be able to get him to shake the monies from the tree.  I don’t dare to ask him.”

“Don’t worry.  I’ll be there with my sling shot and will make him help us.  I’ve been collecting a lot of acorns.  My mom has threatened to throw them out, but she doesn’t know that I stashed them in the storage closet of my room.  The acorns are hiding out inside my Hulk lunchbox that I had a few years ago.  It had a big rip in it and Mom had it sitting in the top of the trash.  I grabbed it and rescued it when she wasn’t looking and ran to my room with it and my acorns.”

“Please be quiet, Ronny.  Class is going to begin.”

“Sorry, Mrs. Bagley.”

Every one was quiet and patient during class and tried to hold back their excitement during class.  Finally, it was time to get on the bus and head for home.  On Sally’s bus, she suddenly had a little gathering.  Sally, Heather, Ronny and Gemma and Clara got off the bus.

They ran hastily to the side of the house and stopped at the garden.  All eyes were on Sally as she pulled out a little embroidered bag with the collected money in it and the heart.

And all of them waited with baited breath to see what was going to happen next.  Their precious money tree was almost going to become their reality.


jennifer Jo Fay


Copyrighted May 8, 2012


Sorry for the long wait for the next chapter.  I was procrastinating with lots of other projects.



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