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The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Six by Jennifer Jo Fay

June 6, 2012

The Authentic Life Blog

Sally held the embroidered bag in her hand and held it to her heart for a moment. The bag was given to her by Heather.  She gave it to her on the day they sat in the blueberry patch and told each other that they would be best friends forever.  It was long ago, but she remembered it very clearly.  They had been sitting there picking blueberries, or rather, eating them.  They each had grabbed a handful of blueberries and then held each others hand with the blueberries getting mashed in the middle.  The squeezed their hands really hard and the ooze goop ed out and dripped to their wrists.

Then they had taken a pinkie finger and dabbed a bit of the purple juice onto each other’s cheek.  Then in unison, they said, “Now we’re friends forever, until the day we die.  Which is never.  We’re going to live forever!”  And then a few minutes later, Sally’s mother came into view and looked at their purple hands.

“Don’t let the Purple People Eater find you!”  She laughed and continued to pick her blueberries for her blueberry cake.  It was a favorite.

But that was eons ago.  Well, okay, a few years ago.  Betsy was very young.  And now, it was the present day and Sally was just about ready to plant her money tree.  She felt the bag and could feel all the wonderful coins nestled inside.  The memory of them warm in her head.

She now stood on the edge of the garden with her friends and held the bag in her hands.  She opened it up a little bit and could see the lovely shining coins inside.  $1.55 ready to get planted into the ground.

“Who wants to do the digging?”  Sally asked.

Heather looked at Sally and said, “Me!  Me!  Can I do it?  I’m good at digging holes.  Last year my Mommy let me plant sugar snap peas and some carrots.  She told me I did a good job.  Can I?  Can I?”

“Okay.  There’s a little shovel over by those yellow flowers.”  Heather walked over and picked up the black plastic shovel in her hands.  On one wrist, Heather was wearing a pretty braided bracelet made from t-shirt yarn.  Her mother had gotten the idea from Pinterest.  Heather had overheard what the site was called and she had told Sally it was called, “Pinnerwizz.”  She didn’t know.  They had been playing together in another room and eavesdropped on her mom and Sally’s mom talking.

“Can I pick out the spot?”  asked Gemma.

“Okay.”  Gemma walked around, slowly taking in the garden’s surroundings.  There were a lot of the little yellow flowers.  Sally thought they were a plant, but her mother told her it was a weed that she wished she hadn’t planted.  It had suddenly spread like wild fire.  Her mother had pulled some of it out easy enough but it also oozed out some white gunk when the stem got broken.

Gemma looked towards some green stalks sticking out.  “How about right here?  This looks like a good spot for the money tree.”

“Okay.  Good choice, Gemma.  I think those behind it are my mom’s tiger lilies.  They get tall.  She planted them a few years ago.  My mommy said that they came from my Nana’s house.’

Heather sat down near the tiger lilies and started to dig a little hole.  For a few minutes she dug with the shovel and tossed to the side the freshness of brown dirt.  Suddenly, she saw a little garden worm and shrieked.  “A worm!  Gross!”

“We don’t want a worm anywhere near our money tree!  Get him out!” cried Clara.

“I don’t want to touch it!  I’ll get cooties!” screamed Heather.

At that point, Ronny stepped in and grabbed the worm with his fingers.  “It’s only a garden worm.  My pops and I get these when we go fishing.  I’m not afraid of worms.”

“Okay, Sally, I think the hole is big enough now.  Can we put the monies in?”

“Okay.”  Sally pulled out the coins and she slowly dropped them into the hole.  Each one clinked as it hit the other ones.  “There, I think that is all of it.  Then here is the heart that Mrs. Lacey gave to me to plant with it.  It is the love that will help it grow.”

Sally knelt down next to Heather and kissed the heart.  “Dear Flavia, here is the love to help our money tree grow.  Please help it to grow really tall.  Taller than the clouds, so we can climb up to heaven and visit with the angels.  Thank-you.”

Heather then placed the heart into the hole on top of their coins.  Both girls slowly moved the dirt back into place and patted it down with their palm prints.

Then, they stood up and waited a moment.  All of the children looked at each other.  “How long do you think it will take to grow?”  asked Gemma.

“I don’t know.  I’ve never planted a money tree before.  The only thing I have planted is my mommy’s pansies and petunias.  I guess all we can do is wait.”  said Sally.

“You will have to water it.” said Clara.  “It needs water and sunshine to grow.  My mom always says that.  She says we need water to grow too.”

“Yeah,” said Ronny.  “My ma said that if you drink lots of water you will grow taller each day.  And if you drink a whole bucket of water, you will be tall like Jack and the Beanstalk.  I wish I could find a beanstalk so I could climb it and slay the giant.”

“Yeah, right, Ronny.” said Gemma.  “And I’m going to get a tall neck like Alice in wonderland after I eat one of her cookies.  I’ve got to get going.  I forgot, I didn’t tell my Mom that I was going to get off at your house.  She’s probably looking for me.  I hope I don’t get punished.”

“Okay,” said Sally.

“Should we say something before we go?  Should we pray?” asked Heather as she looked at Sally.

“I guess we could say something.  What do you want to say, Ronny?”

Ronny looked at the covered up hole for a moment.  “Dear money tree, please grow lots of money so my Ma can get that new Sponge bob game for me.  I really need it.”

“Dear money tree, grow big and strong with lots of pretty dollar bills on it.  And we also want candy cigarettes, six lets, bubble gum and star wars figures.  I think that is it.  Please grow those for us, and lots of them.  Thank-you.” said Heather.

“Dear money tree, please grow us a beautiful tree filled with all the things we want.  It will make us happy.  And thank-you to our new fairy friend, Flavia for helping us pray.  I guess that is it.”  said Sally.

Then Gemma  walked to a nearby pink flower and picked it.  Then, she stuck it next to the hole and said, “That’s so our money has a friend to grow next to it.  Please help us grow candy.”

Afterwards, all the children left.  Ronny followed Gemma down the street with backpacks in tow.  Heather and Sally went inside Sally’s house and settled in with some of their homework.  Sally’s mom was busy in the kitchen making some rice crispy bars out of Trix cereal.  Another Pinterest idea.  With Popsicle sticks sticking out.

The girls were getting hungry.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted May 16, 2012

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  1. I meant to title this; The Glorious Money Tree chapter Six by Jennifer Jo Fay

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