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This Social Butterfly has to now go fly on over to her blog

June 27, 2012

Well, I feel as if this whole morning has been spent socializing on other blogs.  Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?  We spend a great deal of time just flocking to other blogs and reading and having fun.  When suddenly we look at the time and discover that it is after 12 and it’s now lunchtime and we should get a move on other things.

But, being a social butterfly is very neccessary sometimes.  I really does help to increase the traffic to our blogs too.  That’s one reason we go to other blogs.  Sometimes we just want some inspiration for maybe our next post.  Maybe we’re struggling with writer’s block this morning and need to have someone come in with an ice pick and start digging away the clogged wax.

And I had to take a break this morning to make my daughter and I some scrambled eggs with cheese.  Yum.

And just ten minutes ago, I found myself trying to break up a fight between the two girls.

And I am looking at some of my knitting projects sitting in a pile next to me.  Some pretty varigated yarns arrived in the mail last night, so I am making some new bracelets with it and might make a cabled headband too.  It’s not enough for a large project.

And I need to jaunt on over to the post office quickly and then come back and bolt myself to my blog.

I wrote one post yesterday about my mom, as it was the anniversary of her death, and other than that, I just needed a few days of quiet to reflect about things.

If anyone hasn’t heard of Blogaholics, go check it out.  I’m subcribed to some Blogging communities now and spent part of the morning there.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted June 27, 2012                            


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