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My Black Roses Book Cover

August 18, 2012


Learning how to add pictures to the posts, so I’m practicing with this one.  I took this photo last year as I wanted to do my own cover for my Black Roses mystery novel.  And then I learned how to draw on it in one of my drawing software programs on the laptop.

That was tricky.  I’m so used to drawing by hand on a pad of paper.


It amazes me how my girls can go in and do these elaborate designs of pets and LPS characters.  Littlest Pet Shops.  They told me they zoom in and draw.

I will have to try it some more on some other photos at some point.


I’ve got to come back here to write more often.  I’m more active here than I used to be.  I’m also The Authentic Life Blog on Tumblr too and am active there too now.

But the main baby of mine is The Authentic Life Blog

I think it’s good to be active on lots of different sites so that we can promote the place we write at the most.

More pictures to come later.  I’ve got at least 50,000 pictures in my digital archives and I can’t stop being a shutterbug!


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