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the Authentic Life Blog new posts

December 11, 2012

the Authentic Life Blog new posts

Two new posts today:  

Do what you want to do

Broccoli Soup Recipe


I’m going to be eating that for this week.  Then I looked in the fridge and I still see my purple cabbage coleslaw and a wrapped up last piece of a quiche I made.  Guess I’m not going to go hungry. 


I probably should get back here and write more often.  Lately, it seems I haven’t had as much chance to blog very much.  But that will be changing in just about two weeks when Santa arrives with Julia’s new laptop!!!!!!

Mom’s sacrificing will be done!!!!!  My sister said what a good mom I am last night when she heard that I sacrifice it to her for four or six hours straight sometimes.  And some days during the summer or the weekends it is an all day sacrifice.

No need to fear, Mom got lots of knitting done.  Finishing up an olive green lacy shawl for me.  Hopefully it will be finished this week!!!

And I’ve got to get more into the Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.  I’m up to 126 pages now, but a way to go of course.  And then there’s the editing phase.

I finally figured out how to get Microsoft word text to be .doc instead of .docx (which Kindle doesn’t like).  I’m still quite a while away from getting the right format for the e-book.)

I love when I learn a new computer skill no matter how small it is!!!



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