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The Authentic Life Blog new Post: Merry Christmas!!!

The Authentic Life Blog new Post: Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!  2013.  My Dad said today, for me to get ready to start signing my checks with the new year on it!  How many of us start to write 2012 on those first few checks?  I would be one of them!!!

A new post today on my blog.  I’ve got to get better at posting.  Of course now I won’t have an excuse as Julia got her new laptop from Santa.  Meaning mine won’t be tied up.

I probably should go and clean up my laptop next and get all those games off mine and whatever else is on it!!  Cartoon pictures downloaded, music downloaded, and whatever comes with all these games!  ha ha ha.

I was saving my photography last week, protecting my stuff, files, writings, novels, and everything in case my criminal neighbors get a hold of my laptop.  They would have to kill me to get it and they know I have been calling the cops on them left and right.  My boyfriend said document it all before myself or someone gets hurt or killed.

But, I’m bringing it home to my house and am not going to let them deprive me of my computer and my things.

I’ve got to think positive and know that they will be gone, evicted soon.  They’ve been evicted but are not yet gone and it’s been since October.  A long haul.  Lots of crap, death threats I have had to deal with.




the Authentic Life Blog new posts

the Authentic Life Blog new posts

Two new posts today:  

Do what you want to do

Broccoli Soup Recipe


I’m going to be eating that for this week.  Then I looked in the fridge and I still see my purple cabbage coleslaw and a wrapped up last piece of a quiche I made.  Guess I’m not going to go hungry. 


I probably should get back here and write more often.  Lately, it seems I haven’t had as much chance to blog very much.  But that will be changing in just about two weeks when Santa arrives with Julia’s new laptop!!!!!!

Mom’s sacrificing will be done!!!!!  My sister said what a good mom I am last night when she heard that I sacrifice it to her for four or six hours straight sometimes.  And some days during the summer or the weekends it is an all day sacrifice.

No need to fear, Mom got lots of knitting done.  Finishing up an olive green lacy shawl for me.  Hopefully it will be finished this week!!!

And I’ve got to get more into the Glorious Money Tree Trilogy.  I’m up to 126 pages now, but a way to go of course.  And then there’s the editing phase.

I finally figured out how to get Microsoft word text to be .doc instead of .docx (which Kindle doesn’t like).  I’m still quite a while away from getting the right format for the e-book.)

I love when I learn a new computer skill no matter how small it is!!!



I’ve decided to take the novels in progress off the blog.

I’ve been posting the novels in progress on my blog and recently I ended up taking them out.  I had been talking with a woman from Authorhouse and she and I both agreed that it would be a good idea to take them off.

She had a point that all it would take is for one person to take my idea and run with it to Hollywood.  That would be extreme but we all know it has happened many times when someone’s idea gets stolen by another person and then technically it isn’t theirs anymore even though they wrote it.

And then someone could copy it and just simply publish it themselves and wrongly get money for something that isn’t theirs.

Most people are honest and would never do this to someone else, but there’s always the chance that someone could do it.  Most likely it would never happen to me anyway, but I just don’t think I want to take the chance.

I think it was good for me to publish it on the blog for a little bit to get the feedback and the wonderful compliments on it.  I will say it was lovely to hear from a twitter follower that it has the same starts as 50 Shades of Grey only better.  I ate that one up, but at the same time told myself I would never knock on wood that it would actually happen.

When we publish, we just do not know what can happen.  Do we hit the nail on the head or does the hammer miss it and get our thumb?

Everyone has agreed with me that I did the right thing.  Another writer said that it loses novelty with the publishers when it is published in bits and pieces and unanimously it has been said that it is much better to publish the whole thing in book format.

So, I deleted all the chapters I had posted on The Glorious Money Tree trilogy and The Thief Who Wouldn’t Learn and my short story, Alter Ego meets Soulmate (as this one might also be a novel).  And I will just keep my readers waiting with baited breath for the whole thing to come out.

I also decided with The Glorious Money Tree trilogy to start typing up a good outline and skeleton reference notes book to go along with me as I write the trilogy.  It’s getting complicated and I need to make sure I have all my facts straight.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 27, 2012

Sunday Thoughts and Inspirations

Lots of new posts on the Authentic Life Blog

Here we are into fall time and I just love the cooler weather.  I’ve been spending some fun time this morning on my facebook and the facebook pages just getting click happy, sharing, liking and commenting.  Sometimes we just need to take breaks out of our writing lives to be inspired by others. 

We must always be searching for new inspirations, title ideas, writing prompts, and anything practically anywhere can spark a new post or article, or hey even a novel. 

Today, I’ve been seeing pumpkin pictures and apples which is getting me in the mood.  I picked a few apples from our apple trees but they really don’t look as good as the ones you buy at an apple orchard or in the stores.  But then again, I never did any special treatment to the trees to make them look better.

One of the ideas looked interesting.  You take a pumpkin that you’ve gutted out and leave some seeds in.  Then you put your soil in to grow a pumpkin.  Sounds like fun and I might try it and my kids can watch it grow.

I enjoy my FB pages.  I don’t go there all the time, but I do try to keep on top of them and spend a little time there.  I’m not there all day like some bloggers are.  I’m up to 26 likes on Authentic Life Blog fb page.  and the Etsy Shop jfaypaperdolls has probably 9 likes and my Jennifer Jo Fay Zazzle Store for Photography has probably 8 or 9.  It’s more of a fun thing at this point where I comment under my FB pages and just have good fun.

But back to the blogging.  I think from going to Facebook and a few other places today, I now have jotted down maybe about three titles and topics that I plan to write about later, either on the blog or with Triond.

At Triond, I am jfay1995

Triond’s pay isn’t great, but it’s increasing for me quicker than it was last winter when maybe I only got 20-30 views.  Now since I’ve been more active from August to now, I can’t believe the vast change in views.  Now daily it is anywhere from 300-400 views.  I try to publish at least 3-5 articles a day there, sometimes 11.  The more active you are the more views and earnings.  Some Triond writers are seeing even 1,000 views or more there. 

And then back to my blog.  I’ve been on a daily basis keeping up with blogging.  I think you just have to keep up a good writing schedule every day or else things just aren’t going to get done.  Sometimes it seems a little tricky jumping from place to place, but if you have all your ducks lined up in a row, it can be done.  Okay, mine are sheep jumping over the fence.  Ha ha.

Here’s my other thoughts.  I’ve been busy working on The Glorious Money Tree novel.  It might just be my best one yet.  Time will tell.  Recently, I received a nice compliment from a twitter follower who had retweeted a chapter from The Glorious Money Tree.  She said it has the same starts as 50 Shades of Grey only better.

What an awesome comment!  I loved it and of course ate it up.  But, also in the back of my mind, I am also not going to knock on wood.  Who is to say if it would happen or not?  We’re in a very hard industry this writing business of ours.  Things just never come easy for us.  We work hard, slave over our passions, and many times for the majority of us, we never get to see the light.  Which is the ones who get lucky and get the break they need to see their novels become very popular.

Don’t we all wish that perhaps we were the ones sitting in that chair on The Today Show?  Instead of someone else?  Or do these people just get lucky, whether they are a good writer or not?  I’ve heard mixed feelings on 50 Shades of Grey.  I am reading it.  Of course, I am only into the first chapter, so I’m not sure if I’m going to like it yet.  I’ve heard from some people like my FB friends that they loved it.  A few liked the second book better as it had some mystery to it.  And yet others think that she isn’t a good writer and just got lucky that the love story is a hit with people.  That’s what it sounds like to me is that it got famous for the racy naughty book that it is.  And many women can’t wait to sink their wild thinking teeth into it.  We love smut books.  But a smut book can be even better with good writing.

The Glorious Money Tree obviously won’t be having any sex in it.  There could be a bed scene or two between say a couple talking about a tragedy or another couple fighting, but there will be no sex.  I’m just thinking if a kid is reading it, the book has to be tame.  After all it is largely also a children’s fantasy with adult themes too:  cancer, tragedy and maybe some parents fighting a little bit.  And a community of adults and their beliefs on raising their children.

The part for children is this whole magically fantasy world where all the characters even the adults contribute to the story of all the fairies, goblins, mermaids, Mother Nature, elves, angels and everything else.  It all connects and could it be real? 

I finally decided a few nights ago, that I am going to turn this novel into a trilogy.  I’ve never written a trilogy before and I think this novel has the makings for it.  At first I thought that Book Two would go back in time to when Sally’s grandmother was little and when she was meeting with the fairies, etc…   And Book Three was going to be about Sally’s mother remembering when she was little too.  But then, the more I thought about it, Sally and all her friends need to be in every book as they are the main characters.  Of course the adults have big character parts too, but Sally just can’t disappear from the other novels.  It’s got to follow Sally through to the end. 

In each book they are all going to have to overcome plenty of conflicts and obstacles, change either for the worse or the better, and ultimately in the end all my characters in the book are going to have to decide whether or not to let the magic go and grow up, or to keep it with them and pass it on.

Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted September 9, 2012


I hope to have the first book finished by next year so I can publish my ebook with Kindle Publishing.  I’m excited that now I know you can do it for free there and plan to do that from now on instead of sinking all this money into Authorhouse like I did last year.


Lance Armstrong Won those Races!

new post on The Authentic Life Blog

Lance Armstrong Won those Races


Mystery Paperdoll: I guess she’s funny!

a new post on The Authentic Life Blog

Another new post:

The Glorious Money Tree Chapter Eleven by Jennifer Jo Fay (fiction)


This is one of my paper doll pages to The Housewife Paper doll set.  It’s a set of six pages based on my first novel, Lustful Evangelean which took me two years or more to write, about a year to revise and I still think I should completely revise it one more time.



My Shay Doll


My Shay Doll by Donna Rupert.

This doll was gorgeous and she was always my favorite doll I had.  This one was a 24″ wedding or sweet sixteen doll.  I’ve got many photos of her.  She finally broke as my cats kept knocking her down.

I do have three doll heads of her saved in a box that the silly cats can’t get to.

I loved drawing her too.  I ended up ripping up some of them as they were just starts and never got finished.  I should do more drawings sometime.  I’m rusty as I haven’t done it in a while.

I’ve got all these fall time projects lined up:

Scrapbook designing my own pages,



drawing and designing

writing on the blog of course

writing more of my novels


basically a full bucket list


ha ha


Doesn’t that sound familiar?


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 18, 2012


Yay!  This post puts me to 70!  My first milestone here.

My Black Roses Book Cover


Learning how to add pictures to the posts, so I’m practicing with this one.  I took this photo last year as I wanted to do my own cover for my Black Roses mystery novel.  And then I learned how to draw on it in one of my drawing software programs on the laptop.

That was tricky.  I’m so used to drawing by hand on a pad of paper.


It amazes me how my girls can go in and do these elaborate designs of pets and LPS characters.  Littlest Pet Shops.  They told me they zoom in and draw.

I will have to try it some more on some other photos at some point.


I’ve got to come back here to write more often.  I’m more active here than I used to be.  I’m also The Authentic Life Blog on Tumblr too and am active there too now.

But the main baby of mine is The Authentic Life Blog

I think it’s good to be active on lots of different sites so that we can promote the place we write at the most.

More pictures to come later.  I’ve got at least 50,000 pictures in my digital archives and I can’t stop being a shutterbug!


You Know Your Child is bored When…

new post on The Authentic Life Blog

You Know Your Child is bored When….

and several other new posts



Did you accomplish all you set out to do today?

Did you accomplish all you set out to do today?  Was it all that you hoped it would be?


Usually we start out our day thinking one thing is going to happen and then the next thing we know is that it ends up changing on us or that we do things to change the course of our day.

I’ve done this so many times.  I think I am going to get the next chapter of my novel written today and then I end up finding something else to do and the other unexpected thing ends up getting accomplished instead of what I set out to do.

It shouldn’t really matter as long as something gets done.

I squeezed a walk in early this morning before the weather got hot.  I like walking when it is nice and cool.  And it feels great when you see that you have shed some pounds when you next hop on the scale.

And I thought I was going to do some knitting one night while the kids were gone and I ended up deleting and cleaning up my digital photos while watching Shark movies.  And I probably should have turned off the TV when I watched Super Shark.  The shark was able to walk all the way up the beach and munch people.  Now how stupid is that?  I watched it.  The channel didn’t get changed.


I guess I just wanted a mindless night of sharks killing people.


Jennifer Jo Fay

Copyrighted August 7, 2012


I made this one last week