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The Authentic Life Blog new Post: Merry Christmas!!!

December 25, 2012

The Authentic Life Blog new Post: Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!  2013.  My Dad said today, for me to get ready to start signing my checks with the new year on it!  How many of us start to write 2012 on those first few checks?  I would be one of them!!!

A new post today on my blog.  I’ve got to get better at posting.  Of course now I won’t have an excuse as Julia got her new laptop from Santa.  Meaning mine won’t be tied up.

I probably should go and clean up my laptop next and get all those games off mine and whatever else is on it!!  Cartoon pictures downloaded, music downloaded, and whatever comes with all these games!  ha ha ha.

I was saving my photography last week, protecting my stuff, files, writings, novels, and everything in case my criminal neighbors get a hold of my laptop.  They would have to kill me to get it and they know I have been calling the cops on them left and right.  My boyfriend said document it all before myself or someone gets hurt or killed.

But, I’m bringing it home to my house and am not going to let them deprive me of my computer and my things.

I’ve got to think positive and know that they will be gone, evicted soon.  They’ve been evicted but are not yet gone and it’s been since October.  A long haul.  Lots of crap, death threats I have had to deal with.



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